Who likes ubuntu/linux?

if u really like Ubuntu/or/linux then u have to make this ur background image…

Make what my background image? And does it come in (1280+1440)x1024?

i wonder if that’s a compilable obfuscated code…

No, the code has no whitespace & it’s not complete. It’s code from the linux kernel iirc.

If you really like linux you have no place to put a wallpaper… only console ^^

I lol’d at that one. xD

Bah, a console instead of a wm is not productive enough. Give me XMonad any day, so I can have 9 virtual windows with up to 7 shells comfortably per virtual window :slight_smile:

happily goes back to flipping between everything just using the keyboard

I know many linux hackers who would send the grand inquisition after you for that ^^ especially those maintaining console based distris for repair and system maintainance and administration.

Its always fun to argue with linux users, because everyone has a system tailored to his needs, and if it is his own disti furthermore, you can be sure it is the best one ^^

this is so old and so nice :smiley: :smiley:
If I remember correctly the first time I saw this was at least 8 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:
Good to see it again.

So, what about do it with the Blender code and Blender logo ???


I use a tileing window manager. I left the background as black because I hardly ever see it anyway.

These days I run my linuxes (ie. Kubuntu) in Virtualbox on Windows. Easy to kill one Virtualbox when its OS gets unstable again.


Heheh. All subjective of course, but with a decent screen (well, any screen), only having one shell up at a time is painful in comparison to having 3 or 4.

Which one do you use? I tried Stumpwm, but it didn’t really work for me. XMonad was exactly what I needed (simple & extendable).

No code yet, but here´s the logo:


r. Which one do you use? I tried Stumpwm, but it didn’t really work for me. XMonad was exactly what I needed (simple & extendable).

Currently Awesome, Beecouse its easy to configure. im still looking for something that behaves more like Blender.

Modern Linux consoles have transparent backgrounds so you can see the wallpaper anyway. But if you really like Linux you take videos of your rotating desktop cube and put them on YouTube. :evilgrin:

graphical effects add nothing to the usability. they make the computer slow for no good reason, look ugly, and make your workflow slower, as you are constantly waiting for an animation to finish.

BUT! BUT! rotating cube desktop makes me happy… ^^

i think compiz is a virus from major hardware companies to ensure you still upgrade your PC…

Heh, I’ve seen Compiz run like butter on machines with 5200’s. :wink:

LOL Compiz was the first thing to be deleted from my system. Looks great but at to high a cost. Nothing works well when that thing is on. But if it makes you happy more power to you.

Eew…Compiz (and all its forks and re-merges)…maybe after some more iterations it has more useful features than impairing bugs, but until then i won’t touch it anymore.

Oh and yea those colored text “images” are reeeeally old, but apparently sooner or later most Linux users seem to discover AAlib and start watching videos in console…