Who needs photorealism?

my first worthwhile model, for a project at uni, probably won’t do any more to it, c&c welcome.


oh, and thanks @ner for your anime texture tutorial :wink:

Welcome sirwebster.

That’s a neat toonrender for your first post.
The tank has enough nice details that even a render without the toonshading could be interesting.

BTW, if you’re not going to change a work, you can just put it in the Finished Projects. :wink:


I want to add more to it, like scenery, but i probably won’t have time with all the work i have piling up, anyhoo, have 2 more renders to look at, repositioned the camera so you can actually see the hatch on the top and removed the light source and turned on AmbOcc for the second one




The AO-version looks like a neat toytank.

Funny stuff. :slight_smile:

Nice job on the toon shaded version. I really do prefer it that the AO version, because the tank itself looks like it has been made to look like toon shaded.

nice stuff.

This is great toon work and nice modeling. I’m very curious about your Edge, Materials, lighting, and general render settings… could you please post them?

How did you achieve some of the edge effects, such as the outlined edges on the skirt of the tank? If you achieved this with modeling, how did you do it?

Have you tried these same settings with mapped textures?

Thanks for your reply, I know I’m asking a lot of questions :wink:

I agree. It’s a toon. It’s a very nice toon. When the toon is rendered with non-toon shading it simply falls flat. Let it be what it is best: a toon.

Agreed, and I think it is perfect as a toon. I don’t think it should be anything else.

I am most curious about the settings (materials, edge, render, modeling techniques) used to achieve this specific toon effect.

Now u only need to make a epic battlefield with 1000 other tanks :D… just kidding, really cool toon tank, just a little anim could be cool to :slight_smile:

glad you like it, I prefer the toon version too, akator, to get the outlines i just turned on Edge in render options with Eint set to 100, and the red and grey material have the same settings but are obviously different colours, as for the modeling, simple as you can get, nothing special at all, it was always meant to be toon rendered to it seemed appropriate to keep it simple


nice :smiley:

Thanks! I’m still very curious about the tank skirt… did those heavy outlines show up with the settings or were those post?

they showed up with the settings, there’s no post done at all

Thanks! I’m still very curious about the tank skirt… did those heavy outlines show up with the settings or were those post?

Maybe you know, but edges are set in the render buttons, in the middle left.