Who needs practice critiquing animation?

Hey guys,

I am trying to create a high quality animation with Blender and I am looking for some volunteers to critique my work. Please leave a comment or PM and ill send you the link to the Video. I do not want to publicly release what I have so far.

Thank you


OK, I’ll bite on this one…

Took a look at your blog and the short video there…

3 things I see right away:

1st, the characters in the cockpit act like robots, only rotating their heads on 1 axis, left to right. Change that up some… look left, look right, look down at an instrument panel, switch it up some. As a character looks to the left, lean the torso to the left. Look at an instrument panel, torso leans forward, etc…

2nd, the craft just lifts off, straight up. Change that up some. a little wobble here or there wouldn’t hurt. Make one corner of the craft lift off higher than the other, then the craft corrects it’s self.

3rd, think you need a shot between the lift off, and outer space. Like a shot showing the craft after lift off and accelerating as it leaves the planet.

Just a couple of quick thoughts…

Feel free to pm me with the rest, but I don’t want to waste a lot of time on it, I have other animation stuff to play with.

My last animation I posted on line: http://vimeo.com/110438935