Who says Cycles is slow?

Hi Guys!
Who says Cycles isslow?

I have real doubtsabout posting this because I know some of you have issues with “DialTwiddlers”
but I recentlybought an Asus Strix 970 GPU as a second CUDA only device, sonaturally I wanted to play with it and since I am useless at figuremodelling and into Makehuman I thought I’d put together something tosee what it could do.

I don’t think 8mins30.48 seconds is all all bad of course its all in the setup.

If your interested She’spretty much out of the box as far as the base mesh goes but Ibreathed on the cycles hair (a scalp mesh under the "skin"its now six particle systems no idea how many hairs that is) butthanks to Thomas Larsson and MHX2 for showing me how cycles hairworks and the start with the materials: The skin is based on the BaseMH young female tex. but with an outrageously overcomplicated noodlerunning over it, the truth is I know half of it is probably fightingthe other half but I can’t so far figure out how it actually works totrim it out without killing it. The eyes also had an upgrade. She hasa SS 2 at the bottom of the stack, after the particle systems.
The sea settings aretoo complicated to go into here but its basically res.25 as big as Icould get way with and not crash the system.

The clouds are aphoto I took, alpha mapped to the blue, the planet is the same tomake the black transparent to a blue world tex the distant habitatsare actual models rendered with the main model

As for the Cyclessettings:
Path Tracing 14square

Integrator max 25 min 3 Dif 25 all others 12
Filter glossy .1
Shadows and bothcaustics ON
Tile 512

Its on the upperedge of the available 4 gig memory but thanks to Nvidia I have noidea how close, only that it crashed when I made the sea bigger.