Who thought it was a good idea to change Ctr+Y to Shift+Ctr+Z ???

Undo, as easy as Ctr+Y , is now

Shift+Ctr+Z , like all those retard programs .

a shortcut, should be shorter…

And yes o know i can save it as default… but who had this great idea ?


You mean Redo?
Undo continues to be Ctr + Z
I think is a good idea to follow the norm of what is being used in other programs. Like Ctr+V and Ctr+C to paste or copy something. It avoids to remember new things and you always can configure the hotkeys in User Preferences.

But I would love a “ribbon” where we can create buttons and we can configure them. So for example I would create a Undo and a Redo button with the arrows like in all programs. I really lack this configurable ribbon in blender to place our buttons. The T panel was born with this idea, I remember being able to configure it, but then this easy configuring was abandoned and now you need to edit the python file if you want to have it.

Ctrl+Y makes stretch my hand or even worse, it makes me use both hands leaving the mouse, i think it’s better now, plus as Bao2 said common shortcuts are close to many other programs

Here is the Undo and Redo buttons in the Toolbar.
You need to edit the file in /scripts/startup/bl_ui/space_view3d_toolbar.py
and add the new lines (from 76 to 80) that you see in this image.
Save and restart blender.
This is for object mode. I will post below for edit mode too.


Yep, my thoughts exactly. CTRL + SHIFT + Z feels very comfortable for a function that is, I assume, used quite regularly.

And this for Edit mode (add the same lines 76 to 80 in line 127 as seen below, so the new lines are from 127 to 131):


You can add this line too if you want three undo buttons instead two, so: Redo - Undo - Undo History


which retarded programs, I always thought it was Ctrl + Y in most programs unless this is a windows only thing

but like others have said ctrl+shift+z is easier if one hand is on the keyboard and one on the mouse

Most applications are still Ctrl+Y, but graphical applications often use Ctrl+Shift+Z. Photoshop uses it to go forward in it’s history stack, and since it’s the industry standard of that type of application, most others follow the same template (Krita, and MyPaint even, though GIMP irrc is still Ctrl+Y).

I usually don’t like 3 button keyboard shortcuts, but in that case it works really well since as you pointed out it’s easy to undo/redo using one hand.

most do use ctrl+y, adobe(those bastards)started ctrl+shift+z AFAIK…I prefer the y combo myself.

Hasn’t it always been CTRL+SHIFT+Z for redo in blender? has for as long as I remember. For the most part I usually change hotkeys in other programs to be similar to blender…

i’m not sure how accurate that is (about Adobe starting that trend). you may be right, but… most audio applications use CTRL+SHIFT+Z, ones that aren’t affiliated with Adobe at all. actually, i think just about all the graphics and pro audio applications i’ve used have always used the customary CTRL+SHIFT+Z for “Redo.” for instance, off the top of my head i can’t think of a single pro audio app that doesn’t use CTRL+SHIFT+Z.

i’ve always found CTRL+Y to be an odd and uncomfortable hotkey. and i always find myself using CTRL+SHIFT+Z, then finding that it does nothing in a particular program that i’m not used to, and i have to think about it and remember that the application i’m using uses the weird CTRL+Y combo.

…in fact, TweakingKnobs, i think this is kind of a really silly thread. that’s a strange thing to post: “all those retarded programs”. do you mean ones that AREN’T MS Word?

Control+Shift+Z = Pinky+Ring+Middle :smiley:

You get used to it. :slight_smile:

You have absolutely no idea. :smiley:

<pop corn obtained>

I first thought it was weird, but I got used to it. I’m pretty fast at undo/redo now (sometimes I do it without thinking). What would blendering be like without CTRL+Z?

lol, go back to 2.34 or lower to find out :stuck_out_tongue: at least I think it was 2.34 lol been a long time

Hey! I do prefer Ctrl+Shift+Z. Does this make me a retard??
Oh please, be wise choosing words… :wink: (no offence to retards intended anyway)

The small annoyances like this makes me want to do an overhaul of the keys. I love using space to bring up the main menu in object mode and the whole shift+a thing vs the space bar stuff is one reason there are many who stick to 2.49. There should be an option to stick to old buttons for our old speedy work flow vs the new age button adobe thing. Sadly i know if i make a video and it shows what keys i press the audience will be confused as heck.

Edit: Is there an input import key config from the old blender around?

lol, noted…this is entertaining…
I can change it no big deal but it WAS ctrl+y like lightwave, trueSpace, 3dsmax(might have changed to ctrl+shift+z), silo…and I’m fairly certain modo(not 100%)…anyway…I do not like it being ctrl+shift+z…as a matter of fact I hate any key combo that is more that 2 keys…that is why I change mine…I just hope the multi+multi stroke keys are changed…lol but while Nathan V. is making a proposal and some form of submission I trust that other more irritating things will be addressed…anyway it’s been fun…bye.