Who tried Keyshot?

What’s the different between Vray and Keyshot? If they do the same job, is Keyshot better?

They are different renderers made by different companies… Havent used either but i do know that keyshot has limited animation capabilities.

vray is also a external render engine, whilst keyshot is a standalone program that you do your texturing through

Keyshot is easier to use but more limited than Vray.

The original objective of the Keyshot engine was to provide engineers and product designers a solution where they can pump out renditions of their products with very little technical knowledge (though features such as a library of pre-made materials that you simply slap onto the object and an easy to use HDR lighting system).

Vray’s design however is oriented towards professional production work in a wide variety of areas (from arch-vis to animation to the general creation of stills). As such it has a very wide variety of material and rendering options which now includes brute-force pathtracing).

Keyshot is really simple to use, if you only want to render product shots then go for Keyshot. If you want to render more, like archviz for example you should probably go for Vray since Keyshot is really only intended for product rendering.