Who uses PovAnim ?

With yafray ten lengths and a lap ahead, does anyone still use the Blender/Povanim/povray option?



I never heard about this before :-?
What is it?

Actually, POV-Ray is way ahead of Yafray. Yafray’s popularity is mostly due to its close ties to the Blender community.


I think that POV-ray itself is light years beyond YAFray if only because of how long it’s been out there. On the other hand, I am still not getting good results with either POVanim OR YABLE as means of getting Blender scenes to render in either program.

Mind you, with the improvements just made in the (about to be released) 2.28 Python integration, both POV-anim and YABLE will be able to kick development into high gear to get ease of use into the “picture” (pun intended).

Praying for plug-in rendering… (ha)…


I feel that povanim and pov-ray are easier to use that yaf-ray and yable(or whatever it’s called). But that’s just me; I haven’t been able to export or render anything yet :frowning: (I have exported and rendered in pov, but nothing good :slight_smile: )

Emtilt wrote:

Actually, POV-Ray is way ahead of Yafray. Yafray’s popularity is mostly due to its close ties to the Blender community.

And Bischofftep added:

I think that POV-ray itself is light years beyond YAFray if only because of how long it’s been out there.

Precisely the reason for the question. Having been around so long you’d think it would have a GUI if only for lights, camera, materials and texture. Yafray, or at least Yafray GUI and Bagisas, has this. And it’s a Graphic UI, not a Text UI or frontend.
Steamtrains and the good old ‘horse and buggy’ have also been out there for ages, but I’d rather just turn the key and get where I’m going to.


remember that yafray isn’t bagisas…
it’s also just text…

there are quite a few povray editors around the net, but the easiest solution is exporting from blender…

the gui has nothing to do with the renderer’s capacities…

And furthermore, you seem to be talking only about povray vs yafray, and not considering the exporters from blender, so your thread’s subject should be like:

“Who uses Povray” or the classic “Povray vs Yafray”


Well I think support for both of these renderers should be kept up.
PovRay is the best free raytracer around.
YafRay is easy to use and is improving.

Fligh ?
Is this a joke ?

Yafray is still an infant compared to Pov-Ray.

I’m not stating a preference here just a very obvious fact.


IamInnocent wrote:

Is this a joke ?

Yafray is still an infant compared to Pov-Ray.

I’m not stating a preference here just a very obvious fact.

No. This is not a joke at all; evidenced by the fact that I posted it here and not in Off-Topic. I also write all my questions and replies in notepad before posting them in an effort to get the most mileage I can out of every word used in an effort to avoid becomming another Thorax. Unfortunately (and here I hope I’m wrong), it seems to me that what I wrote and what I asked has sparked “Proprietary Allegiances” mostly defending Povrays reputation.

  1. The title of the post does not mention Povray!
  2. The question asks about the Blender/PovAnim/Povray combination.
  3. It was posted on Elysiun, a blender-specific forum where I hoped it would be seen to relate speciffically to Blender.
  4. I later admit to knowing how long Povray has been around even if I don’t mention its technical ‘superiority’.

With this in mind and what is being posted in WIP and Finnished Projects (please read this for what is said and not for what ‘may’ be implied), the Blender-to-Povray combination seems to have taken a back seat to the Blender-to-Yafray combination. A recent build of Tuhoppu also has the prelimaniry steps to include Yafray. I’m not suggesting that this will happen, just mentioning what I know. So it seems to me that, despite Povrays reputation, and despite its support, that as it pertains to Blender now, the Yafray combination (the infant) is indeed a lap ahead.

That was my premise and although stated in a lighthearted way I think it was clear enough. Hence the question which, again, is clear enough. As of this post and after 234 looks it seems that there are as many (of those who voted) who still use it as those who don’t. Of course, you and I can read into this whatever we wish, but it has answered some questions for me. And I’m happy that at least one poster who had never heard of the option made that known. That in itself is some verification of my “lap ahead, lap behind” suggestion.

I’ll just add that I’m an artist. By that I mean that I earn all my income from working with wood, glass, leather and metals. I’m not a silicon-synapse tech-head and I only got into computers about two years ago and into 3D in November when I found Blender (so I’m ready to admit I am a hundred laps behind). At the age of 54 it is extremely time consuming and difficult to work with something where you cannot see what you are doing. An example: in PovAnim it took me at least 60 hours to figure out that it doesn’t export procedural textures, and I might still be wrong on this! Point is there is no GUI to show what is exported and what is not.

So no!, it’s not a joke. Neither is the choice between the two when I tally up the hours invested. I hope I have answered your second question.

Your first question:

Fligh ?

is a lot more difficult to answer. :wink:


I really do not understand your complaints.

With povanim you have just to push one button to have
a mesh2 with :

        --&gt;  indexed materials, 16 materials per object if you 

want ( how do you make this with yable/yafray?),

         --&gt;  as much as necessary uvmapped images, one per triangle if 

you want, blended with the indexed materials ( tell me how you can
do this with yable/yafray? no, just tell me how you can mix only
two uvmapped images on the same mesh),

           --&gt;  vertex color also mixed with uvmapping and indexed 

materials (and so on…)

jms wrote:

I really do not understand your complaints.

:o Me? Complained? You’ll have to spell it out to me because I really don’t know what your’e reffering to.


Forget this part and try to answer to the 3 questions
(if you can understand to what I am reffering to).


Thanks for the time you took to light up my lantern.
I agree that Yafray receives more attention from the Blenderheads than Povray. It is a whole lot less complex, which may explain part of it and it is free as in freedom just as Blender.
I couldn’t tell the part of Yable vs Povanim in that phenomenon. I use Povanim to export meshes because I already know Pov-Ray. Tweaking the lighting and textures in it is easier for me. I confess that the results I get please me more that those of the actual Yafray.

Thanks again.


jms wrote:

Forget this part and try to answer to the 3 questions
(if you can understand to what I am reffering to).

I can answer your questions in two ways:

a) I don’t know as I have never used Yafray.

b) 1) Can’t be done
2) Can’t be done
3) Can’t be done

However, if you want to get that point across all you have to do is say it. But I suspect that you think in some way I am complaining about, or attacking, your work and the capability or functionality of Povanim. As far as I am aware I have not intentionally done that. If on the other hand, maybe because of the language difference, I come across as having done so I’d like you to point that out so I can correct it. And I’d also like to point out that if you don’t take the time to explain yourself adequately then you should expect to be misunderstood.

The poll doesn’t have an option for those who have never used Povanim, only for those who still use it and those who don’t. At the moment there are more of the latter and I have to ask myself why. If it has so much more functional capability and Povray is so well established, howcome Yafray is so popular with Blenderheads? Surely, by asking this question, you can see that I have the interests of Povray/PovAnim in mind? Yet you see the post as "Funny… " and “complaining”. I’m confused.


You answered. Thank you.

But curiously, I see that you do not understand your own answer.

With this kind of tendancious poll (comparing popularity not the real capabilities, for instance ), how can you say that you are writing all
this with the interest of povanim/povray in mind?

I would like to add my point of view

I stopped working with povray a few years ago because at the time, I found it too long to render and too boring to write the code, and the modellers were’nt so numerous as they are now for povray.

Then i began to work with Blender, at its beginning (after hard first steps with it, what a pleasure to use it, and have a visible result so quickly).

Finally, arrived Povanim and it reconciled me with Povray
(it may appears hard to use at first sight but it is well documented by the author so it helps a lot, and I do not know a lot of script that are so well documented, that’s why i’m very grateful to the author for that and must thank him here).
Presently Povanim is not finished and all the functions are not yet implemented, but the state it is now is already pretty good and the author always pay attention to the users needs and remarks to improve it, so i profoundly hope that the author will go on develloping it (hope he hears me).
thus, i encourage him to go on his way against all detractors, not because of my own interest but because i think it is a very good and useful tool for those who like Blender and Povray.

so long chaps.

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :o

i’m just curious: i started using yafray because I was impressed with some of the “photoreal” renders I’ve seen it can do.

I’d put some effort into giving povray/povanim a go if I’d seen some pictures that look more realistic (I’ve seen some very nice pictures, but they do look like computer graphics still). I haven’t actually looked very hard though!!!

Can anyone point me to some good “photoreal” pics made with povray?