Who wants a pancake?

(00Ghz) #1

Hey guys,

Enjoy the pancake with sweet honey and butter I made for everyone :smiley:

Rendered with Octane plugin, Post in AE.

Enjoy :smiley:

(Drummersbrother) #2

Awesome work!!! The only thing I would point out would be the honey, the reflections should be sharper and it should be darker overall (absorption?), but thats just my opinion, its an awesome work and I would not be able do it myself

(bossestrenders) #3

Beautiful work! Made me want a pancake, which isn’t ordinary for cg food. Very nicely deployed :slight_smile:

(GeoffreyMarchal) #4

nice looking. But I also think that the honey should be less reflective. And the pancake look too smooth. May be a very light bumb mapping on the pancake could give a more realistic look. And what about model quickly a table, and put on the background a picture of a restaurant. That will complete the illusion ;).

(Penafore) #5

I am hungry now, Those pancakes looks nice! the butter looks like jelly maybe make the color abit yellowish but other than that nice job!

(00Ghz) #6

Thanks. Quite a number of people who have seen it said they felt hungry because of it :smiley:

and btw the extra gloss is required to make it look tasty.

(sovereign) #7

Looks brilliant!

(manelmeirinhos) #8

Great work! They sure look tempting! :smiley:

(Chosen One) #9

Looks greatttt! Nom num numnum (hungry now)

(j_cogdell) #10

Good looking pancakes. My only critic…I like syrup on mines. :eyebrowlift2:

(00Ghz) #11

Thanks guys. Glad that you liked it. Just seen I got on Otoy’s twitter as well. Cool :smiley:

Anyway Lunch is on it’s way :wink:


Cool! How’d you do the material and texture?

(00Ghz) #13

I tried finding some pancake textures online and painted it on top of the model in Blender. Something similar to one of CGCookie tutorials.

(Wes) #14

This looks great! I’ve always wanted to learn how to model food. I can’t find any good tutorials on it though.