Who wants a pancake?

(00Ghz) #1

Hey guys,

Enjoy the pancake with sweet honey and butter I made for everyone :smiley:

Rendered with Octane plugin, Post in AE.

Enjoy :smiley:

(Drummersbrother) #2

Awesome work!!! The only thing I would point out would be the honey, the reflections should be sharper and it should be darker overall (absorption?), but thats just my opinion, its an awesome work and I would not be able do it myself

(bossestrenders) #3

Beautiful work! Made me want a pancake, which isn’t ordinary for cg food. Very nicely deployed :slight_smile:

(GeoffreyMarchal) #4

nice looking. But I also think that the honey should be less reflective. And the pancake look too smooth. May be a very light bumb mapping on the pancake could give a more realistic look. And what about model quickly a table, and put on the background a picture of a restaurant. That will complete the illusion ;).

(Penafore) #5

I am hungry now, Those pancakes looks nice! the butter looks like jelly maybe make the color abit yellowish but other than that nice job!

(00Ghz) #6

Thanks. Quite a number of people who have seen it said they felt hungry because of it :smiley:

and btw the extra gloss is required to make it look tasty.

(sovereign) #7

Looks brilliant!

(manelmeirinhos) #8

Great work! They sure look tempting! :smiley:

(Chosen One) #9

Looks greatttt! Nom num numnum (hungry now)

(j_cogdell) #10

Good looking pancakes. My only critic…I like syrup on mines. :eyebrowlift2:

(00Ghz) #11

Thanks guys. Glad that you liked it. Just seen I got on Otoy’s twitter as well. Cool :smiley:

Anyway Lunch is on it’s way :wink:


Cool! How’d you do the material and texture?

(00Ghz) #13

I tried finding some pancake textures online and painted it on top of the model in Blender. Something similar to one of CGCookie tutorials.

(Wes) #14

This looks great! I’ve always wanted to learn how to model food. I can’t find any good tutorials on it though.

(00Ghz) #15

I would recommend looking at sculpting tutorials for organic models. Also basic texture painting tutorials based on photo materials. And finally youtube food retouching tutorials or food photography courses and books.

Check this as a starting point. that’s how I begun :smiley: https://theluthier.artstation.com/projects/rPNG

(CG-Predator) #16

Excellent work.
Well done.