Who wants develop a FPS SHOTER GAME with me?! ( for PC )payment is in!

I have asked to my classmates they are did not care about that so im here.Who wants to make a game with me ? Im single in that work and half of objects is done ! I have made motorcycle, a van, a snowmobile and i will make a cop car. Already made half of guns, characters are ready.( ghillie sniper still on work) if you want to make this with me we have to be on active contact. E mail me !

[email protected]
Country (not racist just want to know :smiley: ) (im looking only for one person so its 1/2 with me.After finishing game and a bit of trust i will pay money half of all. )
Here is what i have done

( i will repair the helmet glass )
(nearly done)

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Upppppppppp !!

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“we’ll talk later about payment”

The best hook I’ve ever seen

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Did you read what did i write at the last ??? Try to think a bit before writing with your brain if you got.

‘‘After finishing game and a bit of trust i will pay money half of all. )’’

hmmm i am probably interested

If you think serious e mail me ! [email protected]

its a low poly game? not realistic textures,and models? recording what i am seeing yes, but i need money so i am in!

i send you an email check it out…

İhave checked. And no I’m working on high reality game. As you see my helmet with glass, it’s bulletproof (will be :D) i think to add driveable vehicles . Etc …

I have answered look at it pls

I am in and I don’t need a payment but are we talking unity

I can’t work on unity :frowning:

Will you check your mail box???

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