Who wants to model the Golang Gopher mascot for open-source engine?

Can’t post links yet but google image-search for “Golang Gopher” to see the mascot…

I was looking around for an existing 3D polygonal-mesh model file for this but there doesn’t seem to be any out there as yet.

Anyone want to model this cutie? To be used as a demo in my spare-time/open-source/hobbyist “3D engine for Go” project (go:ngine)

Would be awesome, whoever does this will be credited in the demo app.

If you’re really into this mascot and feel like sharpening your modelling skills some more, how about the related “Plan9 bunny” mascot as well? Then I could code up a really groovy mini-game as a much cooler demo for the engine. Gopher needs to save/race/chase the bunnies or sth. :smiley:

But just the Gopher would make me plenty happy and would give this project a great deal of mojo.

Are you still working on this? I just happened to have modeled one and come across your forum post… I can’t promise that the topology is the greatest, but it has the likeness! I modeled it after the plush toy (with blue colors as opposed to the main site’s brown).

Here’s a screenshot from blender (with some subsurfing on):

Yay, awesome! If you can share at all, then please do… you’ll be forever famed in whatever credits I can one day offer… :slight_smile: