Who watched Cube2: Hypercube last night?

Hey Cubefan, what did you think of Cube2: Hypercube? I thought it was okay, but I had trouble with the ending. I didn’t get it all the way. I gues I will have to see it again and pay more attention.

I saw it too, sweet movie. I had no problem with the ending at all. quite understandable.


You’re rubbing in the fact that I missed it! NOOO! vb gfgvbfgtf vgvbft t4 (banging my head on my keyboard) vbggtyfdxchjyuf

Worse, the damned daylight savings time screwed up the schedule so I couldn’t set up the timer to tape it! THIS SUCKS FUCKIN ASS!

language please.

i find it offensive when somone one makes the eff word, and the a word 6-7 times the size of the rest of the text.

Sorry, dittohead, but I’m very angry at myself, and what I did does, in fact, “suck.”

I’ve seen that film. It didnt make a lot of sense to me. It seemed like somebody just thought they would do what they wanted and then explain it by saying ‘oh its a four dimensional cube’. Maybe its explained in the first one, I havent seen that.


Go watch the first, yeah… it, uh, ‘explains’ it…

Those of you who haven’t yet should go to https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10784
It’s got some stuff about what a hypercube actually is (and some pretty pictures too amongst the ugly long words :stuck_out_tongue: )

Cubefan, all this time saying how good cube 2’s going to be, and you miss it?

Well, I found Cube2 Hypercube on sale at a music / dvd store, so I promptly bought it yesterday!

Watched it last night, and I must say it was very good sequel to Cube.

I enjoyed the ending as it left everything open for further sequels (unlike Startrek where every episode finishes all nice and tidy).

Who built the cube and why?

Hopefully Cube3 will come out??

What will they name it though? Cube3 - Ubercube?

The dvd also has nice extras on the special effects!