who would be interested to render 3D characters PNGs for an Android puzzle game?

Having difficulty with this design, what direction would you like to see it go?

Try to not think of it as a snake :yes: Perhaps you can try to render the “+” face as I originally designed it, or come with another idea. The important is to get a cartoon character before getting an animal character.
Or if you’re stuck too long on this one, just jump to a character you feel inspired with, I trust you! :smiley:

hows this for number_4

Looks nice! How does it look in front view?

here is front view

I think springs don’t look good on any of the characters that don’t walk, like #3 and #4.

Yes I agree with you, #4 is great the way you made it. For #3 I will try to come up with a new identity (a snake-like character seems hard to render in a cartoon way). How about a girafe-like character? (with a spring for its neck of course :eyebrowlift:)

here is 3 closer to your sketch. In your drawing is that hair or stitching on it

Wow :smiley: looks nice! In my drawing, his body is supposed to covered with hair, and his belly is supposed to be hollow, is it hard to do?
Also, I don’t know why but I always saw it as either in brown or green color in my mind. Red blue and yellow is different but interesting :slight_smile:

Ah, and important: don’t forget tgis character needs to be in a 1x2 squares zone, meaning he should rather stand on top of his tail than rest on the ground.

Proportions set aside, how do you think about this set of colors?
Or maybe the brown is too similar to the character #2 tone??

Like that?

Yes! I like it a lot in green and brown. Green and orange would have worked too.
Character #3 done! :stuck_out_tongue:

one with edge & one without. Should this be number four the winged flyer? A chicken swimming seems strange, perhaps #4 could be a snail

Haha, this one is really great and your comment is so funny. I never saw it as a chicken until you made it with chicken legs :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m sure replacing his legs with a spring and helix (to use as a propeller) could remove the strangeness while making a perfect swimming character #5
The flying character #4 is nice as you made it before, I’d like to keep it if possible.

Also were you able to make character #3 (snake) stand on his tail? (to fit in a 128x256 px zone)

I’m working on the game engine, I used sketches drawn by hand to animate the characters, it will allow me identify how many PNGs with what movements we need to make.

Keep up the great work! :cool:

Here is three fin and six fin propellers. If this is not similar to what you envisioned just draw me a rough sketch.

I need clarification on what character 6 is

The 6 fin propeller for character #5 looks just great!

Character #6 is a corkscrew :eek: haha. This is one of the last characters I thought of and its design is not so well thought. I guess I was inspired by one of my software’s icon:

Basically the character is a jumper, he can reach high platforms but won’t move right or left. I don’t know what else we could come with… Some strange flat character on top of a pogo stick? :wink: A sort of a kangaroo?? If you have ideas don’t hesitate!

what about like a tree frog or grasshopper based design?

Love the tree frog idea!

Here is a tree frog not sure springs will look good on it