Who would like me to create a rigged character open use?

Has anyone downloaded the FlippyNeck robot character? I am surprised nobody has mentioned it.

It is a fully rigged character ready for animation.

learn how to recreate nozzy’s rig first. it’s a great starting point. you don’t really need a tutorial as long as you understand the basics. just grab the dot blend (someone posted a link already a few posts above this) and start reverse engineering.

this is the way i learned. between nozzy’s rig, the wierdhat tutorial (which is now moved to the wiki i think), and the official docs, i acheived a level of proficiency that allows me to experiment and extend those concepts in my own work.

after you understand how to rig and skin as per nozzy’s example, start exploring actions and drivers while doing the walk cycle tutorial in the official docs.

nozzy also posted a brilliant driven hand rig, which is worth having look at.

just use the search button and world is your oyster.

hope this helps.

yeh i have nozzys rig. can anyone tell me why he has no spine and why his root is below his body?

some of the bones are hidden. unhide them in edit mode.