Who would you like to see as voice actors for the Durian movie?

I have been pondering over this some time now. Who would you like to see as a lead voice actor for the Durian movie?

I would like to hear Audry Tatu. But that might not be a realistic option. But can I can dream can’t I?


Patrick Swayze! Oh, wait…

Britney Spears…:smiley: Lol imagine that, the main character voiced by “it’s britney bitch”…

banjo kazooie

i’ll wait until i’ll see at least the characters. in the meantime i propose… ME

I think I’d rather hear their voices. Put me down for Sam Elliot or Zooey Deschanel

Emma Watson

Vin Diesel, his voice is awesome.

Actually. Any person that speaks American fluently. No half European heavy dialect.

Really hard to cast someones voice when you have no idea what the characters are supposed to portray. That being said, Robin Williams does some awesome VO work.

I want Mr. T!!! For each and every character in the game including girl and dragon! THAT would be epic! :ba:

– I guess this proposal is perfectly appropriate for this thread :stuck_out_tongue:



i like Vid Diesel’s voice too…
but you do realize this is not a Hollywood movie… and hiring an expensive voice actor isn’t gonna be practical…

Sean Connery, but Vin Diesel is a good choice as well.

Anyone I could name off the top of my head would cost too much to cast which is unfortunate. Budget aside though, I’d cast Leonard Nemoy XD

Sean Connery for the dragon


: D

Maybe that’s why I said it :eyebrowlift2:

AD-Edge, you know exactly who those two are.(Banjo Kazooie)

If the movie is 5 minutes long maybe they will do it for less money :p.

Mark Hamill FTW!