Who wrecked my Pringa blocks?


-2.42 preview 32 from Erwin
-4 area lights to simulate indoor lighting with AO
-Used Bullet physics with record to IPO, smashed two balls into the blocks for smashed effect
-Node texture with two wood patterns for floor.

I built this nice little structure and someone wrecked it, I shall wreck whoever is responsible:D

i like it looks nice

niiice! like it very much :smiley:

This is in some ways very similar to some other work you posted a few days ago (or was it last week). It has something to do with the general tone of the work, and also the extensive use of blocky objects.

The background is slightly disturbing from the general focus.


Hm… do I understand you correctly: You didn’t arrange the bricks by hand but let … the system do it based on physic laws?
I didn’t know what to use instead of “the system”: Game Enginge, Blender in general, animation parts… Can you give me a hint of where to read about this? Thanks.

Inmare, this should get you started


The physics will be a lot better coming in 2.42.

Arranging the blocks like this by hand would be a pain and wouldn’t be accurate, the only manual placing I did was putting the initial structure together before smashing it.

Thank you, this will help me a lot to understand how such scenes are constructed. Using animation (and game engine) tools for modelling and setting up the scene is, for a beginner like me, not quite intuitive. But it seems mighty and logical.