whole dragon

ok - enuff playing around i thought, time for a whole dragon.

still quite early on but its a mammoth ( / dragon size ) task %|



have fun


Those face wrinkles look really nice. Could you post some wires??

how can i make a nice clear wire shot?

with all the handles the image is way to confusing

Just press the button that looks like three arrows, and from that screen, click on ‘wire’. Then, if you have it subsurfed, go to edit and click ‘optimal’. It also help to be in shaded mode when making such a pic sometimes. Nice dragon btw.
<edit> oh yeah, then use the button on the middle header that looks like a little picture, to render a screenshot of the 3D window.

nice modeling on that head. I really like the wrinkles.

ok ill make a wireframe render when i get back from work ( about 9 hours ). thanks modron.

does anyone have any ideas for a dragon rig? i think i can do the legs but ive only done humans before and then badly :slight_smile: the wings would be interesting i think



The wings seem to be too big, make them smaller. Add more stuff to the scene?

Nice work! Wings looks a bit big to me.

check out my blended dragon:http://home.filternet.nl/~fn007839/dragongroengloei.jpg
maybe you can get some inspiration from it :wink:

hey nice dragon Cyanid.

here are the wire frames :



i may have done to many loops around the nose type bit but i wanted to be able to rinkle it more in animation that on my dragon head wip.

cant wait to start texturing :slight_smile:

i think the wings do look a bi large in those shots but its hard to get a good camera position at the moment ( and im not that fussed till i finish modelling some more ). Also theyre fully stretched size so they will be smaller when he gets rigged and moved.

im attempting to pull everything ive learnt recently together - attempting :wink:

tnx, dunkfordyce

Cool dragon as I said before. Funny to see everyone has his own interpretation of a dragon.
Maybe your dragon looks a bit friendly. I suggest you put some horns on it´s head.
Oh and please start texturing soon :slight_smile: cuz I can´t wait to see it !

heh - great minds think alike :wink:


/me just realised UVmapper classic works under wine :smiley:


looking good so far, turn his mouth a bit downwards at the corners so he doesn’t look like he’s smiling


:smiley: horns looks cool!

The horns look good, but you can tell they are just stuck on there. Make them look like the come out from the skull as they should. Like this image I made quickly:



thanks guys.

BgDM - yes for sure! The horns are only in theyre first version, im definatly going to make them like youve demo’d. Im just placing them for the mo - i wanted to show Cyanid what i had been doing.

maybe i will post some shots of his feet later - i think i need some crits.

cheers - dunk




That’s better with the horns. Good work.

The jaw is very flat though. Should have some curviness to it and some variation.


ah can see your point there - sometimes i forget there is anything between side and top view :wink:

He’s looking really good. I like those droopy things coming off of his head.

damn you have it to do dragon don’t you?!