Whole graphics for android game Awesome Blocks created in Blender


I am still new to blender even with a year of experience :confused: but I am more developer than graphics designer. After a few months of learning I wanted to try to create a whole graphics in Blender for my game, so here it is :slight_smile:

And here is an intro also created in blender. Intro was created in a hurry (4 days or more for a few hours daily). I didn’t have time to improve it. I posted it here because I didn’t want to double post to animation section because it is a complete project.

you can see the game on Google Play

What do you think?. Is it eye-catching? or a complete mistake?.

Intro was rendered with 250 samples, Lukas denoiser and avisynth scripts for aditional denoising :slight_smile: .


too many brown figures. if the gameplay gets hectic, it may not be easy enough to distinguish between them. you shall better give each figure another color.
the sorroundings look like made by kids. the whole graphic is not bad but there are so many games like this out there, you gameplay shall be really good.

how did you check if the name is licencefree? hope you did, otherwise you shall not present it on an open internetsite. everybody here can register this as a trademark and sue you.

i have created an androidgame 2014 (graphics also made with blender) and not published it till now because of legal concernes.

Thanks for all your suggestions!, you are right, I have changed the color of 2 brown figures and improved color for another one. Now its easier to play. I was creating graphics in a hurry :/. No, I have to change logos, screenshots :/.

I have chosen that game name because I couldn’t find a game with the similar name.

I have replaced screenshoots in the first post from the new version. It will be available soon on the market (when google process will it). :).

I haven’t changed intro video because it will be a lot of work.