whole object becomes ungrouped


I’ve only very slight experience with Blender so please, be gentle :slight_smile:

Have imported a model into Blender that I created in Google Sketchup (expoted from Sketchup as a 3DS). When I move the model in Blender certain elements in the model are left behind. Is this just a case of grouping everything together? when I first exported the model it was a whole object.

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When you import files, it depends what options are set… but your model may be broken into peices…

in 2.49 there was a very low material limit(16) so your mesh would be autosplit when that limit is reached (or if the separate by material option is checked…)

but anyway, now that you have it in blender:

groups are just collections of objects in blender… they are not really for hierarchies…
they can be used to store/restore a selection of objects, to limit fx to only that set etc… so they are not really the right solution for your problem…

you could make a heirarchy of the meshes by parenting them (either to each other or add an empty…)
select teh objects… the last selected will be the “active” object… use “make parent” from the menus or hit “ctrl p” and the selection will now have the active object as their parent and will follow it wherever it goes!

you could combine the meshes (in 2.49 beware the material limit!) (select all your objects and select “join objects” from the menus (or hit ctrl j)
that will join them into one big mesh…a single object (they will have been combined into the “active” object)

in edit mode they will still be parts unless you use “remove doubles” to combine them up

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Apologies about posting in the wrong forum :o

Sorry about the late reply - control and J solved the issue!

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