whole project upside down

Hey All,
Sorry if this is in the wrong category, but its late. Been working on this project for a casino spot and I’m just getting ready to render my main scene and everything is upside down. When I look through the camera and play my animation everything looks great so I’m sure my animation will be fine but if my client has any changes (which they always do) I may be in trouble.
When I get out of camera view and go to front view (numpad1) my entire scene is upside down as if my Z axis got flipped. this is true for all 3 scenes in my project and was not the case an hour or so ago. Unfortunately, all of my autosaves have this ‘effect’ on them too. Is it possible I hit some random shortkey combo that did this. I can’t find anything about it in the forums.
Also, I don’t know if this is related or not, but when I try and view this flipped scene in in Ortho view, everything disappears.
I’ve tried duplicating the project and its the same problem.
I’m hoping its something simple I can do to fix this because it’d be really really hard to animate upside down.

Thanks all,


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When you say upside down, could you possibly render the project the way it is, then flip the final render in gimp, photoshop or some other program, and the picture would look ok?

everything looks fine through the cam, but when I look at my project from side or front or top (etc) views thats when everything is upside down

I have encountered this before, and have not been able to figure out what causes it. For me though, closing the file and re-opening cleared it up.

Thanks, still no luck, it seems everything is upside down, mouse commands, navigation using the number pad… etc.
Help please…

Perhaps you could post the file so people can look? Use pastell.org if you can’t add attachments here.

well i figured it out-- kinda of. Instead of using just the middle mouse button to move in my scene, I used the ‘control click’ hotkeys to move and the project fixed itself. Everything is back to being rightside up and I have full control over my mouse and commands again-- sounds like a bug to me
Thanks all for your help

This happened to me yesterday. Believe it or not I fixed it by pressing the numpad period key. I believe this is related to the other weird camera issue where the solution is also to press the numpad period key. I can duplicate screwing up the camera and other views by being in camera view and MMB drag then pressing numpad 5. All views are then screwed up. The fix is always pressing the numpad period.

The issue seems to have gotten worse with the latest releases.

Glad to see I’m not the only one experiencing this. I haven’t tried the numpad period trick, for me it sometimes fixes if I ctrl+0 switch to another camera. But I just had a case where even that didn’t work. I was able to get it to flip back by pressing numpad 3 for side view, then hit ctrl+alt+0 to change the camera view and it fixed it.

The way I did it was selecting everything and hitting S, then Y, then 180 (basically rotating everything back up)

You mean R.

yes sorry I mistyped