Whom should I contact?


I am building an Animation studio. and my main 3D software is Blender.
but i have tested it on this configuration:

Dual-core 2.3 GH power PC G5(virtually 4 CPU)
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256
250GB 7200-RPM Serial ATA
4.5 GB of RAM


  • no real-time refresh for the render window
  • poor performance (it has rendered a Test scene with Ambient Occlusion in 5 min compared with 9 min on a Pentium 4 3.0 GH with 512 ram and 5500 GeForce)

I have tested Blender 2.37
Blender 2.4 Alpha dose not work at all !!
is the problem in blender ?
which workstation work best on blender??


What type of studio? That’s what I would like to do. Create professional DVD menus for cutomers.

I prefer MACs for animations, but even then, you won’t see a huge improvement.

I use a P4 and am happy with it. Thats’s what I have and can’t aford anything else at the moment. I think PXAR uses MAC based software, and most likey MACs too.

I am not a Super Geek but the most impressive computer that I have ever worked with was a Cray (http://www.cray.com/). That would be an awsome computer to own, if you have a few million $$ to spare. MIT and Carnegie Mellon use those. I wonder if they would rent some “Processing Time” Animate a Blender movie in seconds. Why not, isn’t that the place where the college students were downloading DVDs at 20,000 times faster than the internet, and wasting “valuable processing time”?

Not that I can help but you don’t mention what OS version - 10.3.x, 10.4.x ?

I guess if it’s a new system it would be 10.4.3. I’ve seen a lot of reports of problems with 10.4.3 and you probably need to be sure you have the very latest alpha build with the right version of Python (Not sure if this is a problem with the 10.4 version).

I’m reasonably certain I’ve read that 2.37a doesn’t work properly in OS 10.4.

3d animation studio.

as for the professional DVD menus for cutomers I highly recommend Adobe DVD Encore and you would buy trianing DVD from

Hi AndyD
it is 10.4.4

Lukep does the Mac builds:



I downloaded the Trial Version of DVDlab Pro.

I was able to implement interactive menus, created with Blender. Add subTitles, director’s comments, and optional sound tracks and music. Root menus and title menus. Chapters and aven a menus to simulate a slide show.

Kind of elaborate for some home videos, but I did it just to see that I could do it.
Many places charge $250.00 for a simple DVD menu, and charge by the minute for video that need to be converted to MPEG-2.

Try hitting the threads button in the render panel. It’s to the far left of the render button assuming you haven’t moved the panels. This will render in two threads to take advantage of both processors. Right now, it might just be using one processor with dual cores, which would explain it being just under twice as fast as the pentium.

I don’t follow when you say no real-time refresh of the render window. If you mean the 3D window then like AndyD said, it’s probably that 2.37 isn’t working right under 10.4, although I can run it fine under 10.4.3. It’s just certain systems. Using 2.4 would probably fix it so concentrate on getting that to work.

The workstation you have will work just fine. If 2.4 alpha isn’t working, make sure you have the version for the python install you have - the default install is python 2.3. There are two versions. If you haven’t manually installed python 2.4 then you need to get the python 2.3 build from Blender.org. If it still doesn’t launch, look at the console that is in /applications/utilities to see what error is generated.

10.4.4 isn’t out yet. If you have the developer seed, that may be causing problems.


Note: the Dual core 2.3 is NOT the Quad (ie only 2 processors not 4). The only one with 4 effective cores is the new Dual Core Dual 2.5

I have a Rev A iMac G5 1.8…had enormous headaches with slow gui use (mouse over buttons would not take effect for more than a second…real pain). The solution? Get rid of any other Aqua interface objects that might even be touching (or on top of) the blender window. According to Ton, This is an Aqua/Open GL issue - not blender specifically. (Widgets, dock, floating clock…etc). My render times compare, if not beat out the P4 3.0 HT that I have at work.
Alpha 2.4 might not work because you don’t have python 2.4 installed (which is needed).
Good luck with the Studio!