Whooo It's my BIRTHDAY!!!

Yay, I’m finally 16! :cool::smiley:
Yaaaay :smiley:

Happy Bday! Go drive a car.

Happy birthday and now go out there and get a job and be sombody lol :smiley:

Woohoooooooo!!! Great!! Party on!!! :smiley:

I’m sure your parents are very happy… only two more years till they can legally kick you out of their home and pocket books!! :smiley:

Happy b-day! And in my experience sixteen is no better than fifteen… so… lol XD Maybe I’m just different.


Happy sweet 16th birthday.

I know people like to do it, but you don’t always need to do a big party on your 16th birthday, for me it wasn’t a big party event compared to my long time best friend whose house was packed with guests.

If you’re hoping for big amounts of birthday money than that mainly occurs on your 18th birthday.

Congrats, hope its great, make a blender cake for yourself. lol. :wink:

Haha thanks guys.
Holland+car=18, too bad :frowning:
Haha im actually going to hire a little place and hire a dj from a famous place around here, but shh…!


You failed to mention the strippers and hookers… :rolleyes:


double post

hey, Happy Birthday!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Happy birthday!