whoops I delated mu backups HELP!!!

How do I recover a delated .zip (emtyed the trash) on windows 2000 pro?

This page looks promising. It was the first Google result for “How to recover deleted files” :wink:

You got a reply

Do not download anything on your computer.
Get a flash drive and run anything off of that. If you download something it will overwrite your files and then you can really say goodbye. Get recovery software (download it on a different computer), put it on a flash drive, then run it through the flash drive on your computer. The file should be recovered.

OK thanks. Can any one recommend good recovery software that’s free?

sigh First result when Googling the term ‘free file recovery software’ - http://undelete-plus.com/

Yay it’s working! wait’s THANKS!

in the future dont keep backups in the trash :wink: preferably you want them on another hard drive.

I don’t have another drive and It was the computer we were replacing and they disappered from the flash drive they were on. Thanks