Whoops! - Selection Problems

Hi there

Another newbie here to Blender whose finding it v.tricky to get around - but I’m excited by being able to get it one day!

I’ve had a search through the database but haven’t found anything which quite answers my questions - and I’m not too sure what search terms to use…I’m sorry if these are really basic Q’s!

Anyhoo, I was doing the snowman tutorial lastnight and didn’t ever finish it because:

a) Once I’d drawn the second sphere, I couldn’t then click back on the first sphere - I tried using the “name” box in the bottom window (where I named the spheres), but couldn’t wrangle/select them;
b)I joined some elements and then couldn’t find a way of unjoining them a few minutes later; and
c)when mucking about in different views, my objects will completely disappear off the screen sometimes and I can’t get them back.

So is there a way of clicking on different objects/unjoining objects?

Thanks in advance!

L-P :expressionless:

Q.1: When you go into edit mode for the 2nd sphere, does it show the vertices of the 1st sphere? If so separate the vertices by selecting them and pressing P then “selected”

Basically same answer for the 2nd one aswell

As for the 3rd I dunno is it that you’re on the different layers or try panning

Hi Chutney

Re the two spheres and trying to select the other one, I couldn’t make the vertices appear on the first sphere. With the joining and then wanting to split again, the vertices on the eyes (the snowman tute) were all yellow as were the ones on the broad end of the nose cone.

I forgot to say that I’m a one button mac user :expressionless: (I’ve found the page on blender relating to the mouse buttons for macs but am still trying to get the hang of it).



whoa 1 button :o

I can’t quite understand but i think this is it. press “a” once you have selected all the vertices (all in yellow) then they should turn purple, press “b” for box select and select the nose or the eye (any doesn’t matter) then do “p” separate

Help!!! I also have a similar problem. I have biezercurves, and sometimes some of them disappear until you select them ie they are not even black unselected.

Also sometimes when the curves is in front of a uvmapped plane, they disappear while some remains there! They are in front, no question about it, yet it looks as they disappear behind the uv-mapped plane when rotating viev. Help! what can I do about it!? :o

Leave Solid mode and work in Wire mode. Curves don’t have faces so you can’t see them in solid or shaded mode.


I see. All of them actually show up in wire… strange only that some curves do show up in solid and texture mode…