Whoracle Project

Hi, so I’ve made a sculpt of Whoracle, but didn’t create a pose (didn’t understand workflow - still don’t but I know it exists).

Now sculpt looks ok-ish, but mesh is messed up.

I want to pose it but don’t know how to approach it. Found a great idea with cutting the sculpt and using boolean tool but it doesn’t work because my mesh acts weird, creates overlaps, holes etc.

So I started retopology, but is there a point in doing that if high res mesh is a mess, won’t it create problems when baking? Do you guys have any ideas on how to fix that, or is it better to start from scratch? Like: sculpt new object based on what i have>cut it>pose it>boolean>detail>texture?
I’m fairly new with Blender and 3D


You are on the right path keep doing it!

Once you have a clean mesh there is another thing you can do beside baking. You can project detalls from highres to low res (it needs to have a subivision modifier) using shrink wrap modifier, which should achieve what you are looking for. Check out some online tuts

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After watching certain video about dwelling too long on single project I decided to move on from this one, as it started to consume more and more time with little to none experience gained. I might take another shot on this character in future with proper knowledge of character creation and sculpting.
And here is final look at it:


freaky :scream: love it