who's comp is crappiest using blender

hey i am using a 400mghz 56 ram with a shitty ass graphik card
now how crap is dat ??? well i can barely make a single model of anything with out it nearly crashing :(:frowning:
any one got a crappier comp ???

I certainly don’t hope so.

I’ve got a AMD Sempron 3100+ With 512 mb ram and a 256mb ATI Radeon 9600XT.

well i threw out a 700Mhz 192Mb ram computer due to its ultimate crapiness.


i had an old athlon K6 around 400mhz with NO graphics card (video hijacked internal memory) and it could run blender

beat that!

although now we have a new system (p4 3.0 ghz ht with 512 memory and a 128 ati card)


I used to have a 350MHz imac with 384MB Ram with a Rage128 8MB video card in it.

It sucked so I sold it to my brother and got a 700MHz ibook 384MB Ram and a Radeon 7500 16MB VRam. It lasted well for a while but it was getting a bit sluggish so I sold it just a few months ago.

I now have a 1.25GHz Mac Mini with 1GB Ram and a Radeon 9200 with 32MB VRam. I thought it was bad at first but I can play UT2004, Halo and even Doom 3 on it. Doom surprised me a bit but even though it’s on low settings, I get 20-25fps out of it: 640x480, all settings low or off except bump-maps, which are necessary for the solid feel, specular and advanced effect whatever they are.

In Blender, I can get scenes with 250,000 polys. Individual model size needs to be lower though.

I think my hard drive is affecting things at the moment because I have a dodgy one that spins down and up for no reason, I might have to get it replaced under warranty.

pentium 120Mhz laptop with 32Mb of ram running windows 95

but I’m sure I can be out-done

[I also have a k6-2 450Mhz with a voodoo 2, but my main machine is half decent]

I think I’ll have the worst system soon, AMD Athlon 64 3700+ (2,2 GHz) 1 Gig RAM and some “bad” graphics card with 256 MB RAM. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have also a simple 300 Mhz computer without a graphics card, worked not so bad, just coudn’t use textures in games :slight_smile: (I wasn’t in rendering at that time :stuck_out_tongue: )

Runned it on a compak 233 laptop win98 using 32 mo ram with no graphic card. let me tell you, animating on this lap top was i m p o s s i b l e.

Threw it out?

That’s still usable as a server, or if it still worked ok some shelters or youth center might take it. It still works for browsing and such.

But yeah, I’m getting ready to take my old athlon 1133mhz and put it in with some various other old components (and a new mobo) and turn that into a server. I’m currently using a 450mhz PIII (Katmai), 192mb ram, 40 gb HD as a file server, print server, FTP/HTTP server etc. Works really nice.

ive had 2.37 running on a pentium 75 mhz, with 8mb of ram, running win95.
but since that is too slow, i use a 500mhz celeron, with 320 mb of ram and a 8mb sis videocard as my blending pc. (still crap, but its usable.)

I’v got a 64 bit amd sistem just beging for blender but they haven’t reliced it yet .

well it was noisy, ugly, took up space, and wasted electricity, it also didn’t have any HDD’s in it worth a damn (about 4 Gb i think).

i stuck linux on it, it ran sweet as on it. played a bit of frozen bubble for a while then it started acting funny and i threw it out. my brother had thrashed the hell out of it in his lifetime.

it didn’t even make sense keeping it when i had a 2.4Ghz 1Gb ram computer sitting next to it (this was 3 years ago almost)


Well, I used to use a 350 MHz Celeron /w 128 RAM, Win 95, and whatever built in video it had.


Used to have a 300MHz, 4Gb HDD, 32Mb SDRAM RAM, 4MByte Graphics card computer with a sound card that came with a manual with a frog on the front cover. Now I have a 1.5GHz Athlong XP, 512Mb DDR RAM, GeForce4MX, a Creative SoundBlaster 16 Sound card, and one 16Gb Seagate SCSI HDD, and a 40Gb Maxtor IDE HDD. Not really new anymore, but still does the job. Ironically, my mom’s laptop (about 6months old) cost a lot less than my computer (about 2 years old, i think) and still whips its a.ss! Technology…

I was running P200 Mhz machine with 32 MB ram ! and running win98 + RedHat 7.0
worst part is my graphiks card was Sis 6215c --1024 KB memory
it did not support anything (i did not use much of blender (v2.32) back then as it was too slow),
no no this was the worst part – no sound card !!!

But 5 months back I got a COMPAQ intel 2.8 GHz 256 DDR (333MHz) + a much better Intel 845 graphics processor, running Linux.
and really got my hands on Blender 2 months back.

geez Blender is as light as a text editor here :wink:

my 2.0Ghz 256mb RAM is so badly riddled with crap, my 200mhz 32mbRAM is heaps better and more reliable. I doubt it could run Blender tho

a couple of years ago i ran blender on a Pentium 120mghz with 16 meg of ram.

I am running blender on a Pentium 166 MHZ 32Mb RAM. It’s really limiting.

I used to have one of those. I didn’t experience anything close to real modelling freedom until I replaced it with a 500Mhz computer. Even with my computer now, I’m still pulling my hair out with frustration. At least it’s better than what I had. I was about ready to replace the computer with a sketchpad!:mad:

Hmm…last year I got rid of an AMD K6-2, 500mhz, 120MB RAM (because the damn “video card” took 8MB :P). It didn’t do OpenGL acceleration under WinXP (it did on Win98, but I prefer stability in this case), so I couldn’t do anything fairly complex.