Who's excited about Zelda?

As you may or may not know, a new Zelda game for the Nintendo Gamcube is in development. Unlike the cartoony graphics of the Wind Waker, this game looks and feels like Ocarina of Time for N64.

Recently Nintendo unvieled a new trailer, as well as a bunch of screen shots. This game looks amazing, and is aldready the most wanted game of 2005

Link to trialers and screens:


Thanks for reminding me that I have a Cube, this and RE4 are the only console games I plan to buy.

Oh! Didn’t see the new trailer yet. Thanks for linking! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m exited about the new Zelda, or as I call it:
The Legend of Zelda: The Game of Time :wink:

Hopfully it will come out this year, and not on the next Nintendo System, but it will rock even harder if it does :stuck_out_tongue:

If it does come out this year it will run up against the next XBox, save your money %|

I’m looking forward to it.

I just grabbed GameCube in a “bargain bin” over here in a local
supermarked. About £30 for a black cube.

Zelda’s the only game (for me) worth having the cube for.

this and RE4

Wiggie you have to get RE4 its really good. The story is a little weird but the game is great.

This new zelda looks like it will bring back the series.


this game is gonna rock :slight_smile: windwaker was just perfect , i hope this one will be even better :slight_smile:

Agreed, I just started on my second playthrough of Wind Waker. Incredible game. I can’t wait for the new one.

here is my strategy.

for the last two zelda games, nintendo has released a remade version of the last game for free with a preorder.

So what I do is just get the preorder, which is like 5-10 dollars, and there I have it, a very cheap game, and an outstanding one at that!

So now I have Ocarina of Time for Gamecube and i will soon get the new version of wind waker, this one will have the same realistic graphics as the next one.

So i have two great games for about $20!
I just had to wait a couple of years for each.

Agreed, Zelda will defiently rock

Wiggie you have to get RE4 its really good.

Oh Yeah, i got it a day ago, and am now at the El gigante boss. This game is so sweet, and for those would doubt gamecube’s graphical power, this game should shut them up, IMO it’s the best looking game for any console right now

dude those screens dont do the game justice its amazing in motion. He-blend you are in for alot more really creepy enemies. Towards the very end some really scary monsters start to pop up. Good Luck blahahahahahha :wink: .


Yeah, I must say I loved RE4, better then Halo 2 in some cases, but I still loved Halo 2, too :smiley:

Props to RE4’s Over-the-shoulder Aiming, some of the best gameplay ever, right at the top with Tony Hawk :smiley:
Certainly better then pretty much all other 3rd-Person Action games :o 8)

I’m definitely looking forward to it. I haven’t purchased any new games in more than a year, but I’ll be picking this one up. Some would argue that gameplay is more important than graphics, but honestly, very few people have ever dropped the controller while playing a Zelda game and said “This gameplay sucks!”

The new zelda adventure certainly looks like more of an “adult”
game, the music is more sinister - the setting is sinister and
it has the overall feeling of inteste fear!

He-Blend, did you take those screens yourself? if you did, how?

i cant wait for the zelda! i dont have a gc, but my friend does, and hes a hardcore zelda fan.

IMO The Wind Waker had very good gameplay, nothing extremly advancing, but very smooth and at times very satisfying.
The Wind Waker didn’t have realistic Graphics, but it had some of the best Particle effects, great animations, and needless to say, they were silky smooth :slight_smile:

I took one screen from the “making of” dvd which comes with RE4, the other is from IGN. Yeah i agree WW was a really good game, the graphics will smooth, and the world felt so alive. However the super-vast ocean and the lack of large islands got annoying

Thats very strange i have a game cube and i like games but i have never heard of re4!! it seems cool, though :stuck_out_tongue:

dude those screens dont do the game justice its amazing in motion. He-blend you are in for alot more really creepy enemies. Towards the very end some really scary monsters start to pop up. Good Luck blahahahahahha

I don’t think im near the end of the game, but ive defiently ecnoutered some scray stuff. Right now im fighting salazar’s right hand, that thing is F**king scary, and im sure there’s lots more to come

Thats cool I just beat that guy about 20 min ago while I was playing my second time through. There is one more really really weird boss, and the scariest enemy of all is yet to come but soon.