Who's going to win EURO 2004???

O.k. I decided to start this thread for all those who are interested in the UEFA EURO 2004…

If you are soccer fans like me and would like to post anything related to the tournament or your favorite team, this is the place to do so…

You can also vote in the Poll and see if we can predict the winner of the tournament… :wink: (/me thinks that Italy will…)

If you need any information about the tournament you can go to: http://www.euro2004.com

I’m starting with a little surprise:
My team, Greece, has spoiled Portugal’s party at the opening game…

Whoever had bet on us, must have become a very-very rich man tonight…

We won with 2-1… Goals from Karagounis and Basinas (with penalty)…
The goal for the Portugueze, scored Ronaldo…

That’s all for now…

And I will hate Greece evermore for that!

It depends really what happens in the quarterfinal between England and Spain. The winner will play Germany in the end. I hope it’s not Italy… they are such a pain to watch, and every one of them wants to be both a player and a ref. I’ll toss my hat for Spain.


Italy seems to be in bad shape. I’ll go with France, if luck is on their side.

As Ian Rush said: “… and in the end wins Germany”

Hey Timonides congrats, great game, excellent defense! Tonite comes the first highlight (at least I hope so): ENG - FRA

Why is that? Don’t tell me you did bet on Portugal and lost money??? :o

Actually I also think sometimes they’re such a pain to watch, but every time they have won a big tournament, everybody was thinking (as Carnivore said) that they were in a “bad shape”, before…

Hey Schlops!!! My man!!! :smiley:

I knew you wouldn’t miss the party… :wink:

Yeah, England vs. France starts in a couple of minutes and I’m not going to miss that for the world…

Good luck to your team as well… :wink:

This is Absolutely amazing!!!

For 89 minutes England was winning and just within the last 1 minute Ziddane and his folks, managed to “steal” victory from their hands…

Too bad for the English (who I think they played very well tonight and deserved something better than that), but I suppose that’s the beauty of soccer…

a draw might have been a better reflection of the game. For 45 minutes England were winning. For the next 44 minutes France put on the pressure, and then that last few minutes…

Zidane’s free kick was astounding. Certainly not a dull game.

It is, it is! But maybe this was too much luck :wink: Excellent game, but it is a shame that England still has no good goalie (maybe they should reactivate Peter Shilton?)

Currently watching Swe-Bul. Sweden leads 1-0 at halftime, while Bulgaria was the better team, a really nice and interesting game.

The England vs France game was probably one of the most entertaining so far. Although England were winning through out a lot of the game, France did have a lot more posession of the ball. I think both teams deserved a draw because it was a well balanced match. The problem with the England team I think is that after scoring their first goal, they have the tendency to just sit back and hope their opposing team won’t gain. I think you can use this tactic if you have 2 or more goals but 1 goal isn’t enough.

Great match nevertheless!

In case any of you don’t have a TV - sweden owned Bulgaria - 5:0
sad game. Bulgarians lost all hope after the 2nd goal, the 3rd one struck them out completely. Best goal of the tournament award currently belongs to Nilsson (or Karlsson, Olsson, Jörsson or whoever :D) - a beautiful attack and a superman-style (mid-air) header right in the corner.

I’m not interested in soccer at all, but tonight I’ll be watching cause we must beat ze germanz :stuck_out_tongue:

thats ze spirit. i hope the germans lose too. sorry for the germans :wink: .

Canada, of course!

Ah crap, I guess we’re not part of Europe anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:


At least this saves us the humiliation of a crushing defeat. :wink:


/me thinks the germans win tonight! :slight_smile:

(okay, i hope they do)

thats ze spirit. i hope the germans lose too. sorry for the germans :).

Woohoo! Go Edgar Davids! :smiley:


Nice game, tricky freekick by Frings and from out of nowhere Van the Man.

BTW: For all you Canadians out there: IIRC Owen Hargreaves (Eng) is from Canada

hmmm… England are joint 1st in the poll so far, lot of hopeful people (me included)

We’ll muck it up tho, we always do.


(Go Latvia and the Czech rep.)

The Netherlands are hardly going to win. Evidence… yesterdays game.

That was good time thrown away at watching soccer. I guess I’m not interested anymore :stuck_out_tongue: Now, if it had been indoor soccer…


im from the netherlands so ofcourse the netherlands will win. (not)