Who's going to win EURO 2004???

Lol 1-1 The Netherlands VS Germans, ooh man that was really bad, Germans scored first in the first part, the dutch ones in the second. But man they really need to do more teamwork (Netherlands) or they will defently lose the EK (english: EC)

Well I’m curious on how it will go with tjechie. :-? I think 2-1 for The Netherlands. :smiley:


Today things started pretty nicely…

Spain “opened” the score, taking the lead by 1-0 with Morientes, then started “hammering” us as usual, we were supposed to lose with 6-0 or something… everything seemed that things would take their “natural” way…

Then suddenly Mr “Magic Legs” decided to pass the ball over to Mr “Verder Brehme” at the penalty “height”…

That was the second “little surprise” from us!

Spain vs. Greece: 1-1

I still refuse to believe that we have any serious chances to make it to the next round, but one thing’s for sure:

Things are starting to become a little bit “interesting” in our group…

C’mon Timonides! A draw against Russia is enough.

Charisteas: Deutscher Meister 2004 (German Champion), Deutscher Poklasiger 2004 (German Cupwinner), and now European Champion 2004? :wink:

I don’t think you understand us very well… We Greeks, have an excellent “tradition” in destroying, what has been achieved with several years of hard work and sacrifices, within a few milliseconds!!!

I fear the game against Russia…

Charisteas: Deutscher Meister 2004 (German Champion), Deutscher Poklasiger 2004 (German Cupwinner), and now European Champion 2004? :wink:

Nahhh… Not that it wouldn’t be wonderful (for us I mean), but I don’t think so…

That kid is a very talented player though and I think he has a great career ahead…

Timonides that makes it a lot easier for Greece! Just destroy the russian offense. :smiley:

It is, it is![/quote]

Uhm, what was that? Deja-Vu? History repeating? (FRA-CRO 2-2)

It looks like that England recovered fast from the game with France and had an easy afternoon with Switzerland…
I can’t say the same thing for the French though… Croatia seems that it’s still remains a tough team and it’s very hard to beat them…

LOL :smiley:

Congrats Timonides! Now against France! Good luck!

England to win (I hope!!) and this is why:

3D replay!


Italy v Bulgaria. 90 minutes of despair and hope and helplessness. Extraordinary.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Only one german left in the tournament, I have to go with greece.

Disappointed with the German team, they didn’t win ONE game :x
I’m beginning to think Portugal might win this whole thing. Or maybe the Netherlands? Or the Czech Republic? Who knows. Good thing I’m not a betting person.

the netherlands are going to win (i hope).

That proves, that football can unite people… :smiley: :wink:

Too bad for Germany… :expressionless:

Well, we are playing against France tonight, but I’m afraid we are going to need something more than just good luck… a miracle perhaps?

Bah!!! Most probably we will lose with 4-0 or something… :expressionless:

Nah, elysiun/blender unites people. Football is the reason that I throw it away with my french friends. :wink:

Hah, Otto Rehakles is an old rascal, the greeks are good at destroying :wink: and the french didn’t show a real good performance in the tournament. I’m sure we will see a good game tonite.

Man, that Por-Eng was a hell of a game. Excellent!

Yah, go Greece!



now if the dutch team stays focussed, theyll beat the opposition into a pulp!

@ce wrote:

now if the dutch team stays focussed, theyll


the opposition into a pulp!

Wonder what the next 90 minutes has in store Timonides.

Congrats Timonides! I guess Greece will crown our Otto as King or something…

Those 90 minutes had only one thing:


:Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

GREECE - FRANCE : 1 - 0 !!!

We are in the semi-final!!!

I still can’t believe what my eyes have just seen… :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Omonia square is gonna burn, burn, burn tonight!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Welll, for those who know a little bit of history, it won’t be the first time we crowned a guy named Otto as a king, you know… :wink:

You greeks are mad, really mad!

Congrats Timonides