Who's guitar is the Loudest?!!



f r i e db r a i n

Can’t see SilentAssasin’s so my vote goes to the Dutchman.
Even though his jackplug looks like total crap :]
I favor the flying V above anything else, but this one is simply not detailed enough.
And there’s absolutely NO plug :]
Though I like the strings on this one.

This actually gives me an idea, to model weird kinds of guitars.

the jack plug fot this Flying V is on the side of the guitar, you can’t see it cause is not in camera view :stuck_out_tongue:

Prove it :]

rmmm here’s your proof ha…


Prove it :]

lol :smiley:

Even though his jackplug looks like total crap :]

Yes the jackplug is total crap. I made the real shape. But coudn’t finish that because the booleans kept crashing (I saved before that :D).
so what you see now, is only the hole where the jackplug part would have been.

I’ve used curves for the body btw. In case you might wonder why it’s that smooth :wink: ( If you say ‘curves?’, try it yourself now :wink: )

And the topic here may be “Who’s guitar is the Loudest?!!” but the topic we had was just ‘guitar’ small difference :wink:
Cya folks, it was fun to do, as always :smiley:

backiz has better detail on the pickups…

did you guys select from a picture before the contest ;its not all from memory right?