Who's My Monkey! Scene update

Hey decided to post this in the WIP forum because I want to make an animation with my monkey.:smiley:

Gonna be getting started on a scene for him later today, but just wanted to post a lip sync test of him first.
This is the first time that I’ve done lip sync-ing, so I know its way away from being perfect and I need to fix a few face Shapes, but hey I’ll get there.:wink:

Here’s the animation

Mov h264 - 132.kb

Windows WMV - 148.kb

Also a BIG thanks out to AndyD for his great lip stnc tutorial, cheers dude.:smiley:

nice job.um I think the sound is a little off with the lips.l but not by much.

Good start. Looks nice.
I also think that facial expression comes a bit too late especially on eye brows.

work on his emotional expressions;)

Thanks guys I’ll try and work on all those things and make him more emotional. :wink:

LOL I was expecting him to say whos my monkey :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways Its a really good job. I think the expressions are quite nice allready. Can you tell me where I can find this tutorial your talking about?

Maybe next time I’ll use the line. :slight_smile:

As for AndyD’s tutorial. I got it Here.

I was thinking of having him on a beach next to a palm tree, but didn’t want to seem like I’m ripping off “The Castaway (O Náufrago)” by Wendell. So I thought about putting him in a zoo inclosure and keeping the palm tree sandy look just with bars.

Looking good - and thanks for the compliments!

It’s probably not the easiest mouth to animate since it goes around the side of the snout but I think you’re off to a good start. Don’t be afraid to push the shapes a “little” further than you might think necessary - especially with a TV gameshow host :slight_smile:

One important thing I did notice was that his lips don’t close on the “p” in Jeopardy. These “hard consonants” (I just made that term up now) like “M”, “F” and “P” are the things that carry the lip-sync.

Facial expressions (eyebrow lifts, squints and some assymetrical moves) are important parts of making the speech convincing. I suspect you’ll settle into a rhythm and get a good feeling for what works and what doesn’t as you continue. One little thing that can make the process more comfortable, even if you’re just doing tests, is to put the arms down in a more natural position so they don’t distract from the important stuff.

Nice looking character! Look forward to more.

Grape Ape, I’m impressed! Now we’re talking business! Yea Blender!

That’s what people want, they want animation with sound, just like Pixar and talking like Pixar. But people don’t understand is how hard and how time consuming animation, especially talking animation, really is.

Its’ good to see the Blender community reach a new level of sophistication with people like you Grape Ape.:slight_smile:

Andy, you deserve those compliments. And yeah I’m gonna push those shapes to the max, but first I’m finishing of the scene, I’ve got some ideas on how to make the sand and water but I’ll have to do some testing first. And your right it is a hard mouth to animate and the facial expressions where very quickly thrown in just to give a little life. :wink:

OZO, I agree. Its good to see people let go of the constraints and take the plunge. My monkey might not talk that much when I’m finished but he’ll say alot more then just “emo”. :slight_smile:

And thanks for the high compliments.

lol :smiley:
"emo, eh… emo… emo… are you alright :stuck_out_tongue: "

Ok, so I was making progress on the scene and background, but it wasn’t looking that great, so I decided to abandon the idea of the zoo enclosure and go back to the nice tropical beach look. And I must say its looking a lot better then the old idea. Started late last night.

Its not complete obviously but it will have other trees bushes and grass. Hopefully it will look good when I’m finished.


sweat palm…