Who's that!?

Just a little blend I made… mostly out of boredom… Its no where near par but ya know.

Id appreceate some feedback.

thanks :smiley:


Ha, looks funny.

The dog’s fur looks a bit bristly and stiff, + I’d probably make him sitting down or something because his legs also look a bit stiff.

Other than that it looks good, + the chair material looks great!!!

Looks great !

The P.C. case/tower looks a bit odd, kinda looks like a flat image, maybe a slightly different camera angle (looking from a slightly higher viewpoint downwards would give the P.C. a bit more perspective ? ). But that’s just a personal composition opinion …

I like the textures and lighting, what is the lighting setup ?


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Thanks for the CnC (Means compliments and crits right? ehh n00b) I really thought the lighting looked shoddy… I was originally going for realism… but that kinda died with the dog. Ill work on the fur soon… it looks like he needs lower specular maybe? Or if anyone knows what shader combo would be the best for fur? (I also just noticed that the PC is completely wireless… hehe)

Heres a different angle… the tower still looks a bit flat…

and there’s also the lighting pic underneith, you can see the lamps highlighted in pink… the two inside the room are regular lamps… with default settings that cast no shadows… the one outside is a rectangular area lamp for soft shadows.