Who's your boss ?

Hi guys, this is something new I made.
It’s a table for directors, I was focusing on lightning and it was kind of an exercise.
Tried to make it intimidating in a way and I hope you like it :slight_smile:

It’s me again :slight_smile:

I didn’t post this in focused critiques, because that’s roughly what I had in mind and don’t intend to fix/change it. But would be nice if you guys would give me some feedback, what do you think about it?

Seems somethigh wrong in the proportion

This is not bad, but it feels a little off to me too. I think it’s a mixture of the proportions and overkill on the FX you’ve used.

Nice lighting, if your intention is to render intimidation you may chose a différent angle for your camera, maybe view from below? Or a perfect symmetry with no perspective déformation. The background could be usefull too. I don’t understand where is the botom of the desk.

I agree on the proportions issue, I try to imagine some James Bond villain sitting in this chair and I think he would look ridiculously small. I think you need to make it bigger, in order to give that feeling of crushing, intimidating power. Maybe even enlarge it a bit at the top? Try a few things and I’m sure you’ll find something great. Oh and also play with the camera angle maybe? Like a slightly low-angle shoot or something. Just suggestions of course =)
Otherwise, the rest looks good =)

Thanks for comments guys, much appreciated :slight_smile: . You’re right chair is too small/ desk too big. Maybe some simple wall in background could make a difference + camera angle. I will play with the scene a bit and post the results.