Who's your favourite illustrator? Could they be 3d animated?

Yes, you are allowed to have as many favourite illustrators as you like (just like real life)
We can include comics, books, magazines, etc.
The question is - woulld it be possible to bring their style into 3D and animate their style and how would you go about it? Mixing in some 2D is allowed. Most things are allowed in this game. Most of the point is that we all get to look at some pictures that we like.
You are allowed to say no, I don’t think this would work in 3D.
I’m going to kick this off with Chris Riddle

Could someone 3D animate it?
Yes, probably. You’d need to have something to create outlines, plus most materials would need
a layer of a watercolour paper tex - either UV’d or mapped to screen layout,
a line shading and highlight layer.


I don’t know that I have just one favorite illustrator. One illustrator I really like is Teo Skaffa. https://www.instagram.com/teoskaffa/

I’ve tried a few times to recreate his style- for example, this painting of his:

I attempted to recreate in 3D, with decent success:

I think the edges of the bushes could look a lot better, and the creature sitting on the lamp has a 3D look that I don’t really love, but I think I did a decent job capturing the painterly look on the bottom half.

Another attempt I did a long time ago:

I never finished this, as my hard drive crashed part way through and I wasn’t backing things up at the time, but I did make some progress, although I think I could better translate this to 3D now with more experience:


Well, you actually went ahead and did it! You win this game! That is, until someone posts how yhey created a 3d version of… i dunno, who’s style is really hard to re-create in 3D?

Pat Huchins
Theres going to be a lot of children’s books from me - i have a young son and the quality of the illustrations can be fantastically good!
I dont think this would work in 3d… all those strangly flat textures of the owls feathers … i would be very interested to see if this could be digitally animated in 2d with the textures following the movement of the owl.


Yeah, this would probably work better as a half 2D, half 3D thing, where the owl is flat planes, and the eyes are flat-shaded spheres (so you could shapekey the lids closing). Same thing with the beak. It would be quite a challenge to do in 3D :thinking: this example is a good argument for not using 3D for everything, it would be much faster to animate this in 2D

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frank kelly freas - analog sf - 70s-80s - covers and interiors - animate? i wish.

Some of Frank Kelly Freas’ work:



I actually think a lot of this could be done in 3D, with some camera trickery and a lot of texturing work/camera texture overlays, but it would be difficult for sure


I wander if you could 3d animate your characters, then use that ai based paint styling filter thingy to Frank Kelly-fy it afterwards.

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Sad. 7 replies. Pinned.
Here’s mine…

Roger Dean. Would love to think like this…



Ooh, good choice. I think of the replies so far, his work might be the easiest to get the style of in Blender:


These three in particular I think you could do in Blender. animated? Maybe, landscape animation is a huge pain generally. For sure as still images.

Once I’m done with my current projects I might actually try replicating the bottom one, I’m already starting to visualize the node setups :wink:


I would NEVER be able to make anything like that LMAOOOO those look so cool tho!

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Hmmmm… i never meant it like could you personally create this - rather could someone 3d animate this. Also - dont put yourself down. You get better at 3d. And whos your favourite illustrator?

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its a big world. probably someone could 3d animate just about anything.
and yes, roger dean is probably my second favorite, right after kelly freas.

as for a full length movie, i was very impressed by zootopia.
there have been a lot of other good things done, mostly on you tube and vimeo.

Just one? I have so many favourites, I couldn’t even narrow it down to 10. Ok, I’m just picking at random from a directory of saved images…

Emily Hughes

Could somebody 3D animate her style? Umm. Well, not I, not now, and probably not ever (3D animation isn’t really one of my goals), but I don’t know that anyone even with lots of experience could do this successfully without losing something. 2D animate, possibly; I can even imagine that for both of these images; they feature strong action elements. But I don’t know enough about 2D animation to say for sure, just that I’ve been very impressed by some Grease Pencil art I’ve seen recently.




Daniel Martin Diaz:

Andreas Samuelsson:


Sebastian Murphy:


Most realistically, I’d go for Andreas.

Sebastian Murphy’s style would be very interesting. Everything’s furry, but conventional hairsim wont work

So many good illustrators!

Sebastian Murphy reminds me of Robert Crumb.

Emily Hughes reminds me of the animated film The Book Of Cells (which used Blender for 3d elements - i think making them the first animated feature film to use Blender)

Great to see so much good artwork in so many styles!

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Super fun topic ! Well done !

Let’s bring the classics :


Can these be turned into 3D and be animated ?
Probably to some extent. But of course some adaptation is needed. That’s the point of going from one medium to another.
Is it possible to take reality and recreate it in an image without loosing something ? I don’t think so…
But if you add something else in exchange then it might get interesting again.

An illustration is static and you can watch it how many time you want, yet many artists manage to add a lot of movement in a still frame.
Animation bring movement but also a constrained viewing time. Rules of the game are different from the start. There must be some translation from one medium to another. Problems needs to be solved in a different way but I’m sure you can manage to bring the essence from one medium to another. Why 3D would be the exception ?


Um, okay, kinda shocked that no one has said Simon Stålenhag yet! His work is unparalleled in my book. He is by far my favorite living artist, and I consider myself lucky to be the one to mention him here. If you are unfamiliar with him, I command you to check out his work!



I would say that work could be done in 3D for sure, it already has a lot of 3D elements like realistic perspective and lighting

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There is a live action show on Amazon Prime called Tales from the Loop, which is based on his story and art of the same name… would effing love to see an animated movie based on his other stories/artworks…

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