Why a mesh parented to a rigid body disappears after some time? (resolved)

Beside the fact that making a ragdoll in BGE seems from another age (takes so much time , have to do it by hand and the result is unprecise and glitchy ) , i see that the meshes (many part of the body) disappears 1 after another once the ragdoll is shaking on the ground (and even when i push button to .suspendDynamics() )

Why do i feel i waste my time on BGE on parametering uncertain and randomily things on BGE rather than spending my time on the code ? How can i go foward in my game if im not sure that my characters will not dissapears randomly ??? (" oh !! because that option " …) It’s so frustratring and make you feel your project will remain unfinished or unpolished for ever. BGE offers lots (too much) of options but never a canvas of options when it comes making stuff around a usual thing such a simple human character. Why such a lack of pragmatism ? 99% of games looks similar : a man + a gun + camera + physics ragdoll … ok … so why everyone has to do it them self and fix it on BGE again and again and again and again … and again ? How is it possible to waste time in 2019 copy-pasting empties to bones in order to parent rigid body boxes , copy rotation, copy location and all that clown-circus job every time i want to create a character ? Seriously

I alwys feel that somehow it the open source community. They love to make big things but they love to make the product like 99% done. Just because … you know … dont want to see noobs around… only nerds. Where is that damn official 3th person game template that will make bge a serious solution for indie game devs ? Unity understood that a game engine is already too low level (like a programming language 20 years ago) . A tested and approved game template is now the norm.

Lets think about it : commercial products are made for the people (for their money) , open source sometimes gives the feeling that it’s made by the devs for their own satisfaction and vision.

My 10 mins of hate, sorry.

i dont know much about ragdolls, but usually you addObject a physics rig and find that. some time im going to add ragdoll to my template.

has third person and fps, solid mechanics, and works out of the box.

im ever improving the expandability and using it is as easy as two bricks at its simplest.

but lets be honest, the bge is a dying breed. if you arent willing to put up with it, move on.
wait, why no test file? is this rant or a question?

Because if it is not your time that is wasted on making such features (ragdoll), then it would have been someone else’s time.

It happens that Blender isn’t developed by robots, and the few devs that already had a lot on their plate have left UPBGE’s development.

So buckle-up!

If you ever come to with a re-usable ragdoll solution, please feel free to share in this so small open source source contributor community.

“I want to take and use, why isn’t there someone that already did the work for my little butt, cmon you bunch of nerds, make things.” /rant

Yes, but Unity is a proprietary engine because in order to have teams working fulltime on just that (a game engine), they have to sell a bunch of services around it, as well as selling licenses for people going commercial with their games, etc…

You can see the licensing on the wikipage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unity_(game_engine)

Open source relies on organizations to invest resources in an engine, and if you are lucky you get individual talents working on their sparetime to make the engine awesome. Anyway. /offtopic

the expected “virtue signaling” . Thank you , but it doesnt help neither. I was just pointing out that BGE offers many options but is not stable on the basics the indie dev is looking for.


Yes, i will give a .blend. Let me test the file on UPBGE first :wink:

here is the .blend . Even whithout textures the problem remains

press “S” to SET the rigid boxes parent to the npc (via empties) , press “D” to make the npc DROP down

Thex for the templates you offer. Do you show demos on a youtube channel ?

Heres the video

models.blend.zip (1.1 MB)

I already wrote ragdoll scripts, if you want me to finish the blasted thing faster then you can pay me.

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Could it be, you never moved the origin of the armature?

See objects disappearing at edge of camera?

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yeah turn on physics debug
I have a feeling your ragdoll is falling through the ground.

you got it.

My logics bricks simply didnt stop the walking animation neither the motion actuator. So my npc (as an object) was keep moving far away from ground zero. Thanks 100 times !
My anger and spontaneous hate blinds me sometimes.

By trying to simplify another problem i started to make error on this 1. I was very scared because i though it was a BGE bug which will just make me throw all my game on the floor

If you integrate it in the Makehuman project (python), it will be very very very valuable and will deserve my €€€ :wink: But for the moment i have already a ragdoll. I was just complaining about the manual work it requires

well, strange. It make Blender crash. Can you check that too ?