Why add-ons have no .po file?

Why add-ons have no .po file ?
I don’t wanna translate in code file.
Sometimes, no , Very usually to change original code for translating.
It’s really awful to replace translated source code file .

via wordpress internationalization:

#Why is Internationalization Important?

Blender is used all over the world, in countries where English is not the main language. The strings in the Blender Add-ons need to be coded in a special way so that can be easily translated into other languages. As a developer, you may not be able to provide localizations for all your users; however, a translator can successfully localize the theme without needing to modify the source code itself.

Suggest :
BL founder must FORCE add-ons include translation standard file .po file.
Please learn from wordpress and its’ add-ons operation method.

Personally, I didn’t realise that translation was handled in an external file because I never looked into translation of my own addons (which are not included with Blender). I agree that included addons should include a file to enable localization, but most developers don’t think about localization as a priority, so just hard-code their strings, so that’s probably why addons are lacking .po files.

I might look at how to do it for my own addon (Vertex Color Master), but I’m not sure how much time it will take or if anyone will want to translate it into other languages.

Yes you are right. Internationalization is something that I have personally completely missed in my addons. It seems Blender already has a system to handle this.


Always good to learn new things. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Mr_Flamey reply.
Well. right now, I know that most developers don’t realise that localization. That’s the point , and blender founder also don’t think about it .

For blender founder must solve this issue,
1 .don’t let developer re-code ,
2. don’t translate in source code file.

Well, But localization is really important for blender development , add-ons developer and blender old user and new users( I’m a new user).

If supply po file , many Chinese blender users will translate all of them, developer don’t care about it . it’s our job.

Right now, We will do it and done most of addons. but the issue that we have to re-translate it while addon updated . It’s really awful . right ?

So, please supply po file.

Thanks so much !

Thanks @ambi reply .

Please supply po file .

We will translate it and done most of addons. but the issue that we have to re-translate it while addon updated . Most translator don’t wanna translate again for all of it. Nobody do that.

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Handling translation in add-on through po files is not an easy process and require to parse po while loading or post process to convert into something python is able to handle.
Add-on devs usually use python based dictionary.
The documentation is also far from “user friendly” one and we do have hard time to figure how to do it properly.

Yes.You’re right. I not a coder and ignore developer work. Sorry for that . I thought it’s so easy .I’m wrong. Well, this’s not developer problem. It’s blender foundation must solve .

1 .don’t let developer re-code ,
2. don’t translate in source code file.

How to solve this issue? :joy:

Let’s people learn english it’s so easy language to learn comparing to other languages. And Python code anyways is in english words so if you want to deal with Python code and Python addons you should know English. :slight_smile:

Many people had learn English , but …emmmm