Why ain't me script workin'?

I wrote this realy simple script for Blender 2.45 and tried it on my friend’s computer, and it doesn’t work. His version is 2.46. Works on my computer.

I’m pulling my hair out. Please help…

  Name: 'Change face render mode'
  Blender: 245
  Group: ('Mesh', 'UV') ---> ain't workin'...
  Tooltip: 'Adjusts the render mode of selected faces to Opaque, Add or Alpha.'
  __author__ = ["Vladimir Mitrovic"];
  __url__ = ["[email protected]"];
  __version__ = "0";
  __bpydocs__ = """\
  During UV mapping, if you work with transparent textures (the ones that actually have an
  alpha channel, not the 'safer', non-transparent alpha-masks), there's this
  annoying 'dissapearance' of the texture in the textured drawmode. The solution is
  to select the individual faces and manually reset the face's rendermode to Opaque...
  This tends to be annoying if your model is more than, lets say, 50 polys. 
  This script does the hard work for you... hopefully.
  import Blender;
    tObj = Blender.Object.GetSelected()[0];
    if tObj.getType() == 'Mesh':
  	  rendermode = Blender.Draw.PupMenu("Make selected faces render:%t|Opaque|Add|Alpha") - 1;
  	   mesh = tObj.getData();
  	   for f in mesh.faces:
  		 if f.sel:
  		 f.transp = rendermode;
    Blender.Draw.PupMenu("Error%t|Non-mesh object or no object selected... or script error :)");