Why all the University students?

Why is it that when I go into the volunteer work forum (one which I disagree on already) there are a load of college and university students or “members” that are looking for free work? Many of them are doing something based around some sort of short film or a game. My question is why aren’t they doing it themselves or why aren’t they forming a team with their classmates to make the game/ movie. Yes it takes planning and yes it takes multiple people to do certain multiple different tasks, but seriously they should be taking it upon themselves. They should be trying to learn their trade and get experience instead of asking for free work to be done so they can complete their project. The lack of initiative in these “students” make it a little more clear why people see art majors like these as a joke.

I think that art happens, and If I need to fill up my portfolio, and a kid gets to “direct” more power to him,

now if he wants to be a animator, then…

I will teach him for free as well,

now if he sells my work… balls to band-saw…

what ever deal you have in writing is the deal you have,

Building a real game takes

2d /sketch Artists
Texture artists
3d modelers
3d animators

some people have more then one skill set,

I can sketch/code/animate/model etc … but I could be much better @ just one…
there is always a trade off cost…

True there are pros to the situation, that I do not deny, however it just seems as though there are too many of these students wanting free stuff done. Now some of them may just be getting stuff for a quick animation purposes or something like that and I commend them for taking the initiative to learn practice their art.

For now,

the thing is blender is just evolved to the point where it is better then many engines/3d suites

Until the industry wakes up to the fact that we are growing faster then them,
they will recruit else where,


Anyway, I don’t go into the forum much, but isn’t there one guy who keeps asking for help for the same game project (or is that a different forum).

To be honest, university education is not what it’s cracked up to be. I recently went through the system as a mature student, and now I’m teaching in the same place part time. Honestly a lot of students would be better off here, or CG cookie, or gnomon or digital tutors, or whatever. The level of work is consistantly low, and there’s lots of reasons for that.

If I was being particularly grumpy - maybe those asking for help are asking for it because the work wouldn’t be published so they wouldn’t have to reference it for a uni project :evilgrin:

But I doubt that’s it, to be honest. I imagine they are just excited to get the process going (as a non uni project) and want to reach out to more experienced blender users that’s all. Nothing wrong with that really.

Both situations probably exist I guess I just frown upon the first. As far as the university education goes it seems as though it’s really upon the person themselves to learn and be involved in what they are trying to learn. I mean credentials are sometimes necessary.

I wish I had some, but not having them has not stopped me from making a game, and I don’t do well with "Busy"work…

Y’know, especially when you’re in school, “collaboration” is really not what is taught yet. “Collaboration” is called “cheating,” and that might take a bit of time to wear off.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to nip any student’s enthusiasm in the bud. If they’re looking for free help, or doing whatever-it-is to pursue their project and their dream, then I say “more power to 'em.”