Why am I not getting any comments?

I’m completely speechless on the fact that I put hours over hours on my renders for about 2 years now and the feedback is still the way it was when I started : non existing. I am a 14 year old student and I do 3D modeling more as a hobby than anything else but I want to get better. Now how can I get better if I get NO FUCKING FEEDBACK. Am I that bad that I dont deserve any feedback? I really need it

A forum is much like any other community. There’s a certain amount of reciprocity… folks tend to offer feedback and discussion to people they know. And as with most social things, its takes time and active effort. In two years, you’ve made 38 posts. People don’t know you yet. Participate more. Offer cogent feedback on people’s work. Help out in the support forums. This tends to get you more feedback in the long run… and perhaps a few friendships along the way.

Of course, I have also started plenty of threads here (and elsewhere) that have gotten zero replies. So at the very least, you’re not alone. :slight_smile:

You also might have reached a critical point in your development as an artist: The point where there are no obvious flaws in your work any more, but you’re not yet awe-inspiring, either…:wink:

Both coming together will not give people any incentive to comment your work (neither Yay! nor Nay!). I think you might have to hold this out or ask more precisely for focused feedback on certain issues you’re unsure about yourself.

Try the Focused Critique sub-forum. Also, think about how boring it is commenting on other peoples’ work. We all give more importance to what we do…

I just saw your work and it looks great. 14 year old student too. That’s even more impressive. The reason why no one is commenting is because your work is “boring”. By boring I mean there is nothing to comment on. There is no real flaw but there is also no thing we could say that could add to make the scene “interesting”. Try something different and if you get a comment means that there is something that caught the eye of the viewer.