Why am I unable to change the axis of a point on my model?


I apologise for the very basic nature of my problem, but I am VERY new to blender and just finding my feet.

I am trying to create a wristband shaped in a similar way to a Jawebone up. I have created a Bezier Curve, but rather than a complete circle I need to have the ends overlap each other so they sit side by side.

For some reason I am unable to twist/bend the shape so that the end points do this. When I try to drag the anchor point at the end of the shape in the direction that would bend the shape to the side, it’s as though the axis is locked. Any help would be very much appreciated, as the fact I’m new to the software can make simple things very frustrating.


If your curve is a 2D curve you’ll need to change to a 3D curve. There are big buttons in the curve properties to select each one