Why are 2 of the objects more shiny than the others ?

Hello, I was working on a little castle, and somehow made two of my objects shinier than the other. I will post a picture which is going to make it clear. How can I fix it plz ? Thanks.

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It looks like your normals are inverted. Try Ctrl+N from Edit mode with all the vertices of that mesh selected.

check your normal orientations & shading

Hi, thank you for the reply, it worked for little wall, but the big tower changed only a bit and is still shiny :(.

For all of your objects, go into edit mode and press a to select all (you might need to do it twice if you already have something selected) and press Ctrl+N to recalculate the normal.

Turn on normals display in properties panel (shortcut N) so you can see in edit mode whaich faces are inverted
Remove all faces inside the mesh
Remove all double vertices (select all and W / remove doubles)
Recalculate normals as indicated previoulsy
For individual selected faces you can flip normals from Ctrl+F / Flip Normals

No .blend file supplied for review so you’ll have to go and actually look at the mesh yourself

oh, yeah… also check for overlapping faces

Thank you :slight_smile: using ctrlf + f to flip the normals seems to do the job :))))