Why are advertisements like these are allowed on file hosting sites?

Where is the real download button? The average person will click those below.

I think that’s the point…a less experienced user would see the big start download and click it…it would then probably take them to a 3rd party site, and ask them to download something else, or it is even possible that it will link immediately to a file for download, often containing harmful files.

Well, it does make me wonder whether the owner of the site is paying the slightest bit of attention to the “advertisements” (sic …) that are running on his site, especially given that things such as these are materially harmful to his site’s intended purpose.

All I can say is … thank god for ad-blockers. I could not (and do not, and would not) use the Internet without them.

Haha I was a member at that forum for a while. (Digital Digest.com) :slight_smile:
I use Add Block Plus on Firefox, it stops a lot of those ads from loading. That ad wasn’t there for me.
Videohelp.com is another good site for downloads.

To be fair, the box with the big download button does say ‘advertising’.

But of course there’s not a whole lot of people who read those things, that’s why they can still be effective at advertising and possibly effective as a malware distributor (ever wonder why those ‘you win’ ads are still around, because people still fall for them).

You can make it more obvious, but a lot of things in our modern society simply cannot be reworked to be totally mistake-proof and many popular websites find it almost impossible to completely block potentially malicious ads (even BA has had an ad or two which downloaded a bogus antivirus program before CG Cookie took over).

recently i had to download something from a site like that, after a long long time. Installed 1 unit of crapware (that installed other crapware), clicked on 2 additional “download links” then finally got what I wanted.