Why are different textures being painted?

I followed these steps towards texture painting but get weird results. Blender Cycles.

  1. Made an object (cave).
  2. Added a basic material to it.
  3. Put an image in the uv editor. (Smooth rock texture…seamless of coarse).
  4. Unwrapped the object.
  5. Placed image in node editor and made sure it was selected. I didn’t connect it to the node tree though.
  6. Put rock image with the paint brush in the texture paint options.
  7. Try to paint but nothing happens.
  8. Paint some more and find that faces far from where I have the brush are being painted.

Was it the way it was unwrapped? I switched between regular unwrapping and smart unwrapping to see if that would make a difference but it didn’t. I’m trying to paint the rock texture directly in the 3D View as I was told this was the best way, given the object. Using texture coordinates (Object, generated, etc) don’t give the desired results. Here’s an image. What am I missing?

Did you check your normals by turning them on in edit mode?

Are you painting, or are you mapping? I ask because for painting to work , you unwrap your mesh to a blank image as the receiver of the paint, and hook it to the diffuse node of your material. You then load the other image as a brush in set to tile, stencil, view plane, etc, and paint with your brush. After, you save the edited image in the uv image editor so that it will be there when you load the material again.

Thanks. The main problem was that I didn’t start was a new image on the uv editor. I was using the rock image in there as well. I was also tieing that same image into the diffuse when it should have been the new image. My new problem is that painting is pretty much giving me the same results as if I let Blender generate it. Most of the textures look pretty stretched no matter how many times I go over it with the brush. It might be the unwrapping that’s the issue…Is there a good way to unwrap the inside of a cave? When I unwrap each face at a time I have no issues but that’s a bit counter-productive.

If your cave is just a tube - which is sort of what it looks like - why don’t you make a seam and unwrap it that way, and then snap the outside UVs to the edge pixels so that the seamless texture tiles without glitches. You can move around the internal UVs to make the surface more random.

Spot on. I’ll give that a whirl.