Why are downloaded models weird?

I’m sure some people have noticed,…when you download some models, especially something like a vehicle, or piece of military hardware, the general modelling technique, while it seems to get the job done is not terribly thoughtful, and often times, there will be faces and edges that are completely redundant. like you’ll find a big triangle inside of a gun barrel, or somewhere else that it makes no sense. Anyone have any idea what programs might be creating these evil models? Or why they are so screwed up?

perhaps the model uses ngons, where blender doesn’t support it

I’m curious, if you import it into wing3d [which supports ngongs] are these problems still there?

I don’t think that would happen unless the import scripts were able to tessellate the models. Usually if there are n-gons in a file, a script error happens and the model doesn’t load.

I have found that imported models do go bad sometimes but I just put it down to bad modelling. Sometimes it’s because the modeller will use n-gons in the 3D app that supports it and then export to a format which tessellates the geometry to quads or tris. A few of the exporters from Maya tessellate by default (e.g. OBJ).

What are ngons?

maybe they are my models.

i am pretty notorious for bad modelling :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG, can’t you remember the last time I told you?

They are polygons with more than 4 sides. Tris and quads are standard, ngons are everything else. I also suggested google - it’s still there y’know.