Why are images pale with add-on Images As Planes?

The add-on Images As Planes are very good to add png images with a transparent background och humans and trees, but why are the so pale. The original image are more colorful before it’s used on I plane with this add-on. Is there a way to prevent this. At first a thought I could just change the Transparent node, but that only affected the background of the human or tree. It would be nice if you can alter the visible area of the png image bewteen 100% to 0%. Any ideas how to improve the nodes setup for Images As Planes?

Check that the image has an assigned colour space and ensure it is being interpreted correctly.

You have the wrong shader selected. You should use an emission shader. If you don’t want it to actually emit light, just add a lightPath node… see attachment.

When you create an Image As Plane, you have options in the dialogue. Here you can choose the shader you need for the image and also choose alpha if your image has alpha… see attachment.