Why are ******** links looking like this?

Hey, latly whenever I see a ******** link it looks like this: http://www.********.org/ with stars instead of ********, I am not sure the proble, and it might be doing to other sites as well, I’m not sure if this is just on my computer or a wider problem, any help anyone?

Probably your computer, you should reinstall your OS :wink: Because this seems like a big problem!

As has been noted in numerous threads, this is just the forum software filtering out a recently infected site.

Yeah, even the thread tital is labeled that way, like this: Why are ******** links looking like this? Just a bunch of stars, the only thing I can think caused this is I got a Tablet devise resently, and thats the only thing I can think would have done it.

Nothing to do with anything you are doing. It is the same for everyone. It is the forum software changing it because p a s t e a l l was recently infected. Once the software is updated to allow the site it will reappear again.

ok, I see now, thanks, yeah thanks for spelling out p a s t e a l l for us, now people will understand what we are talking about, if they haven’t yet, ok, I hope they fix it soon, I like p a s t e a l l and hope I can use it properly again.

fuck you!

just a test… I wonder if links are censored while curse words are not…