Why are my tri counts different?

I am modelling the portal gun and in object mode I have 48,796 tris but when I go into edit mode and check everything I have it only amounts to like 2k tris or something. I have a 30,000 poly limit for my project, have I gone overboard already?

Portal Gun.blend (1004.1 KB)

it is probably because in object mode, blender displays the polygon count of all the objects combined. in edit mode, it purposefully displays the poly count of the object you are editing.

also, when you think an answer is the solution, click the check mark button. i don’t actually know if it is a check mark button though.

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Yes, thanks, I think I found out why my tri count was so high, it was because I had a subdivision surface modifier on something, I got rid of it and now my tris at 5,340.