Why are objects from 282 nearly 20 times the data than in 279?

I am not going to be able to upload even the smallest models to get support on modeling now if my files are going to be 17 megs when its just a few hooks. What is causes my files to be so huge ???
I just copied into the 279 ONE little object and that made the file too large to upload to blenderartists forums.

I copied in this little bit of mesh from a 282 file into 2.79 and yet it added 15. meg of data. We used to think a 20 meg hard drive was a big drive. ! at this rate I am going to run out of HD space in no time. ! Is anyone else experiencing this type of thing or do I have a virus in my blend file ???

also when I upen up my same files in a differnt comptuer r it looks like a cob web got to it. Like a ghost spider is in therie in my file. I will upload the 279 file to anyone that is interested. I guess I need to do a bug report. ???

OK the reason the file gained so much weight is because the materials were attached to it. When I deleted these materials from the file it got rid of the cob webbing. I have been working for 3 days non stop it seams on this project. I went to put it on my laptop and it hung. The TGA files are a wopping 139 meg. I am not sure why they are so large. We used to have zip disks that held 100 mb and that was a whole lot of pictures. Anyway when I delete the tga materials off of this one that shows the cob webbing it goes away. I think it might have something to do with the way the images can cut into a mesh to change its shape. Well At least now I know why only a little bit of mesh had so much data attached to it. !!