Why are People so Stupid: A New Generation

Here I am. I am looking around at the world and seeing awful things. Most in part because people are too idiotic to realize what they can do. Or can they?

I'm not talking polotics! This kinda sounds like complaning, but I want to know why, or at least what you think as to why, people act the way they do(stupid). I am asking this in the most sencere way. Why are they stupid? And what is the meaning of life? And why do people take power and abuse it every time? And what are some stupid stories of your own or that you have seen or heard? 

I want to know, I am a curious boy!

Vist Planetbattlefield.com forums or join a game of BF and you will find a lot of stupid people. Mainly I find taht it like twelve year olds are hoarding the internet without any form of manners cause of all the “child abuse” laws.

Ah yes, the question which seems to fog through the ages. I studied this very question on my own for some time and was left more bewildered and perplexed than before. The truth, as it seems to be, is that people have always been, as you say stupid. All that has changed from then to now is how we are stupid.

The conventional belief is that, in the time of Shakespeare, every man women and child possessed a level of diction chiefly superior to that of todays decorum. But conventional wisdom, as in this case, is usually false. Throughout the ages man has kept an equanimity of inteligence that has always remained the same amount, but as time progresses, shifts from place to place.

I would never debate that the Greek philosophers and scientists of yore were on any account ‘stupid.’ But when you examine their theories in relevance to today’s science, you would see that they had the right idea, but were wrong on many levels. But that branches onto many an argument.

The point is simply- if a simple point does exist- that at one time that smartest of thinkers thought the world was round, so how much inteligence can we account for todays brilliant minds. Think of a maze, the kind we see mice scurrying in on movies, and swishing around in this maze is a fluid with much the same qualities of water. That fluid is man’s inteligence, and throughout the motion of history it has been flowing through the different corridors of the maze; filling some more than others.

We have always kept the same degree of inteligence, it is merely which corridor of the maze we find ourselves in now.


so you’re saying you don’t believe in evolution then? :slight_smile:

intelligence: The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge.

As generations pass we aquire a bigger store house of knowledge, thus our ability to make intelligent decisions increases, the limiting factures are what knowledge you are exposed to and your ability to apply that knowledge.

Genetics and environment both play a part in this, with environment being the overriding facture.

Knowledge and stupidity are not mutually exclusive.

Remember this: Some stupid people know they are stupid. :frowning: I’m one of them, definately… Internet should be forbidden when it’s used in the wrong way. Or at least all internet users should learn more about the world before airing things. I’ve also reacted badly when something has trigged me, like if something is my favourite I defend it. Sometimes I feel as all people hate what I like. And therefore I react like opposition did once.
Luckily there aren’t too many people who reads all the bad stuff out there, the mass aren’t affected of it at all.

Like a kid everyone sometimes have been; I feel very sorry for my talk and hope everything bad I’ve said will be deleted and forgotten. I have a feeling there are dozens of more people like me on different subjects. There are just so many stupid kids out there with internet, not all kids but still. Just look at what is happening in France. It’s a revolution going on as youth have this kind of communication. The world seem to know too much with ínternet, and the world will never be the same.

I also found the meaning of life. You must earn love. There is a God I’m 100% sure, he talks in our dreams and in media he hits us personally and we all have a meaning of our life. Winning doesn’t matter. Trust me. It’s just like someones birthday. It’s a celebration! You don’t want to celebrate your whole life as that is just wrong! Any kinds of failures doesn’t matter, forgivness is what it’s all about!! There will always be new times. People forget extremely fast.

With my deepest respect for all living and non living things.
Thunf. :wink:

I think it starts with parenting. If you have good parents that are interested in raising eagles instead of chickens, you have a better chance. Parents are not your friends. It is their job to train you to become an adult. In many cases parents are only grownup children and are not up to the task (they still deserve our respect regardless). This is most unfortunate. Even so, once a child becomes an adult it is his/her responsibility to learn what was omitted from their childhood training. The world will not give you a pass, because you were not raised well.

It is not all about you. You do not deserve anything. The ends do not justify the means. You are responsible for your actions and attitude.

Character starts where your selfishness ends.

I find that many people are fairly intelliegent.

What many lack is to make simple conclusion to things. So many people are unable to think beyond what they have been taught.

What also happens is that, many humans dont want to learn. And have been taught in away that if they moan they get. So they dont bother learning leave school then get a mighty boot up the arse when they realise not everyone is like there parents.

I believe that new generations are to much protected from how the world actually ticks. Throw them into a 3rd world country for a week and they will soon realise how lucky they are.

What you are describing here is precisely what constitutes intelligence. Doing stuff you haven’t been taught to do. Also called “figuring it out yourself”.

I agree. My place is full of people exactly like me, with the same interests, same opinions, same damn attitude. Even 10x worse. I take full distance from it even if same basic opinion are made. I even have to calm people down sometimes. Let me give an example. Someone at my work got a call that they wanted to sell him toys. He went totally mad, he said: if you call me one more time I will come over and shoot everyone of you. That’s how this crazy world works. Caller didn’t call again, but the worker could have been sued. I know many more examples. Why can’t we have these experiences simulated to us just for learning? Why can’t we all have the understanding to love everything around us instantly? What is you opinion on that?

Why do some people need to learn the hard way? I would be interested in your opinions. You can’t force someone to love you, thinking that way you are will be living in eternity in a place that doesn’t look like hell like most people know it with hot red stuff. But in a place where the location you can alter, but what’s outcome can’t be altered. ALL of your darest have weird sicknesses, their harts make an audible sound in the most terrifying way you can even dream of, when you try to touch them they run away. Everything is dark, wet and slimy. You are scared all the time, you search for some kind of warm and peaceful place, it wount be there. Want to know more? I’ve been exactly there. You know why? I was selfish. I went to a church and asked for forgivness and I wanted to forgive everyone else that have been sometimes lying to me too. Weak people like me get these experiences. So even if your body is strong now doesn’t matter afterwards. Thinking you can do whatever you want now as I can always forgive myself after, that ends up in hell. If you put too much passion in a bad thinking, you end up in a place impossible to get out of. Few of you know what I mean. I’ve seen God. :o

Kind of interesting discussion. That is good. Childred are different, they all need to be learned different things. We all are all made of good sides and bad sides. What is good and bad of our sides are just different for each individual.

Good point. Here I have something very important and interesting to say. My generation have never had parents with internet. We are the “generation of finding out yourself”. Well, our generation of kids will certainly have parents that knows much more about internet and the respinsibility everyone have to take. Figuring out yourself is what everyone is doing now. Our kids will gradually be raised to this adjustment. Noone can’t blame parents of today, they were raised in a more worldwide isolated way. That is the most important thing you need to know.

ok. people are stupid because they arent like me. that is why people are stupid. and the meaning of life is 42. you should know that by now.

Why can’t we all have the understanding to love everything around us instantly? What is you opinion on that?

Because your generation live in a mental paradigm based on the premise that the attributes of technology are the basis for rights. I have a postbox so you have the right to mail me junk; I have a telephone so you have the right to call me from any timezone at any time of my day or night about stuff I’m not interested in. I have a bank account/credit card so you are entitled to to the records.


Throw them into a 3rd world country for a week and they will soon realise how lucky they are.

I think this a lot. I’ve looked at a lot of countries were American componies get a lot of thier revenue from(I guess you could call it that). Like China, a lot of people ther are slaves, and a lot of them are my age(12-16 year olds). Although my life is no the best, I am really lucky.