Why are rotations so weird in blender and how do I animate them properly?

In blender, if you rotate along the Y 90 degrees, stop, click, and then rotate on the x axis with R and X hotkeys, it will actually rotate it on the Y axis? And if I rotate in 90 degrees in the Y axis in the transform panel, then the X and the Z both rotate the same way via the transform panel? Why the hell does that happen? Literally ever other program does not do this? How the hell are we supposed to rotate stuff properly?

I’m just doing this with a simple box. haven’t modeled anything.

Rotations in any program are not easy. It’s not only Blender. Take a look at this for more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTG__j55g1g&index=13&list=PL3wFcRXImVPOQpi-wi7uriXBkykXVUntv

Good luck!

Sooooo, you are trying to tell me that Blender forces us to make a rig every time we animate a simple object? That’s absolutely stupid. No other program forces you to do this. It just simply understands that when you make a rotation change, the axis also changes and is recorded.

No. I did not say that. You asked about rotations and there is the info on 3d rotations…

It’s about euler rotations and the rotation order, which can be changed underneath the fields. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc8b2Jo7mno

Default rotation order is xyz. Rotating along Y aligns X and Z, which is in gimbal lock and it has to rotate all axes to get out of it.

XYZ order, first rotating along X changes X rotation, then rotating along Y changes Y rotation, no gimbal lock.
YXZ order, first rotating along Y changes Y rotation, then rotating along X changes X rotation, and avoids gimbal lock when rotations are done in that order.

Animating rotation along one axis can be done with axis angle. All axis rotations without gimbal lock with quaternions.

Enabling the rotation manipulators and setting the transform orientation to gimbal also visualizes the problem. One of the axes disappears when rotating 90° along Y in xyz rotation mode. It’s aligned with the X.

But rotating in quaternions is imprecise at best. Any other Euler rotations in blender, no matter the order, yields unwieldy animation when turning one axis 90 degrees and the trying to animate other axis

So, again, to fix the problem it seems that a rig must be made to separate the x, y, and z rotations with what I would assume orientation constrains which, to my knowledge, is not needed in Max or Maya.

I feel your pain. It shouldn’t be this difficult. Having my own troubles that I’m posting…sorry I can’t offer a solution.