Why are some commands not available for keyboard shortucts?


I use some commands, like transform --> origin to geometry all the time in certain projects, so I wanted to assign an easy keyboard shortcut for it in the preferences. However, it looks like this command is not available in the keyboard shortcut -section of the preferences.

I know I can press alt+ctrl+shift+c and the select the command from a list, but it would be so much faster to just assign it to something faster like one of the f-keys.

Why are some commands not made available for keyboard shortcuts? Is there a technical reason or is it simply that nobody has bothered to include them?

This will set the origin to geometry with shortcut F5

Wow what a nice surprise that it is possible after all! Thank you! Is the any resources I could read to understand all the possibilities of the method you presented? Like is there a list of all the RNAs somewhere?